Facing Linksys Velop Red Light Issue? Let’s Fix This!

Facing Linksys Velop Red Light Issue? Let’s Fix This!

“I purchased a Linksys Velop WiFi system to fulfill my daily internet needs. But, after a few days of Linksys Velop setup, it has started giving me issues. One of the major issues that I am facing is the red light issue. This is absurd! Even after following and applying a number of troubleshooting tip, I haven’t succeeded. Please help me as I don’t want to see the red light on my Velop anymore.”

Are you also struggling with the Linksys Velop red light issue? If your answer is a big yes, then the fixes we have mentioned here will help you overcome with the issue in a jiffy. Let’s get started!

Reasons: Linksys Velop Red Light Issue

Before we provide you fixes, allow us to make you familiar with the reasons first causing it. Why? Because knowing the reason behind the cause leading you struggle with the issue will make a walk in the park for you to troubleshoot it. So, scroll down a little and get to know those reasons that have forced the red light blink on your Velop device.

  • Maybe you have not followed and applied the Velop setup instructions correctly
  • The Velop’s firmware is outdated
  • Location of your Velop device is not good
  • Your Velop is not connected to modem
  • Technical glitches is also one of the major reasons behind facing the Linksys Velop red light issue
  • Your internet connection is week

That’s it! These were the topmost reasons causing the red light issue. Head towards the next section to know the fixes to troubleshoot the issue!

Fixed: Linksys Velop Red Light Issue

Set Up Your Velop Correctly

Improper Velop setup is one of the biggest causes behind getting the issue in discussion. Don’t worry! To keep the red light away from your Velop, reset it and then set up up again from scratch using the instructions provided on the linksyssmartwifi setup page in the exact given order.

Update Your Velop’s Firmware

Your Velop’s performance may degrade if you don’t update its firmware timely. On the other hand, the red light on the Velop device is the indication of interruption of the process. So, keep in mind, whenever you update the Velop’s firmware, give the process full time to complete. Whether it takes 10 minutes or 20, we suggest you do not touch your Velop, turn it off, go online, or click on any link. Your Velp will reboot itself once the process gets completed.

Change the Velop’s Location

Try changing the location of your Linksys Velop router to see if it works for you for fixing the red light issue.

Where to place the Velop?

Your Velop must be placed near to your internet modem, but not beneath a table, or back of your PC or laptop.

Connect Your Velop and Modem

Good connection between your Velop and modem is one of the crucial steps towards fixing the red light issue. Yes, you read it right! There is a need to connect your Velop to your internet connection to avoid seeing the red light on it.

Moreover, your internet connection shouldn’t be faulty. On the off chance, your internet connection is not working fine, your Velop will itself be non-working, resulting in the issue. So, ensure that your internet will remain speedy and up-to-the mark always.

Just in case, the issue remains the same, we suggest you contact your ISP. Maybe due to poor internet connectivity, your Velop is flashing red.

Can we anticipate that your internet is working fine now? Yes? Then connect your Velop to your internet using the WiFi password. Now, your Velop won’t flash red, right?

Power Cycle Your Velop

In the event, none of the fixes listed above helped you out to deal with the issue, consider this fix as the most effective remedies. Yes, power cycling/ restarting is the ultimate troubleshooting tip to deal with major issues with the Velop, including the red light issue.

For instructions to power cycle or restart the Velop are as follows:

  • Disconnect your Velop from your internet connection (modem).
  • Then, unplug your Velop from its respective power outlet.
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes at least.
  • Turn the Velop back on.
  • Reconnect it to your modem wirelessly or using a wired source.

Note: If you have opted for a wired source, make sure that the cable you have handy is well-working and inserted firmly into the ports of your modem and Velop.

Anticipating that the power cycling/ restarting process will help you do away the “Linksys Velop red light” issue while relaxing on your couch.