Essential Things You Should Know in Website Development

Essential Things You Should Know in Website Development

There is a lot of things to learn in website development. Web developers have to write thousands of complicated lines to create a website, and these complex codes is a creative process. 

If seeing beautiful websites inspires you to try website development, you should know these essential things. 


Every website developer has to learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These basic building blocks are used in building the front end of your website. CSS is primarily for the style, design, layout, and how the HTML elements should be displayed on the screen. 

Meanwhile, JavaScript is highly popular in web development as it makes HTML pages dynamic and interactive. If you want to specialize in JavaScript, you have to dive into its language because you will use it in the front end and back end language for website building. 

Programming Languages

You cannot use human language on computers. Thus, you have to talk to the system with programming languages to program your computers. 

It is a requirement for web developers to learn programming languages. If you do not understand the slightest programming language, you will have difficulty applying all the programming logic. 

Today, there are various languages a web developer can learn to handle the backend web dev. This includes Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. A web developer should know at least one programming language to build your web application.  


There is a huge possibility in creating websites, especially for companies, to deal with user authentication. User authentication is used to track the users on their websites.

When you allow users to log in, log out, or create resources using their personal accounts,  these created resources are blocked from users who are not logged in. The account security of users heavily depends on authentication. Thus, it is important to know how to deal with security functionality in web applications. 

Writing Tests

Writing tests are not useless and a waste of time. It is a critical step and opens more opportunities. Although it takes much effort and time, there’s a technique in writing tests to build an extensive web application. You can write tests in units to help you quickly debug the codes.

Initially, you feel like you are wasting more time, but you are actually saving time and making it easier to build a web application.

Problem Solving and Research

Web developers cannot survive without research skills. If you want to become one, you must embed problem-solving and searching skills into your system. These essential skills help developers build data structures, understand algorithms, complete projects, and solve some challenges. 

If you are into web development, you have to practice problem-solving and research. Whether you are a beginner or experienced web developer, research is the best method in looking for a solution or building an application. 

Final Takeaway

Indeed, website for business is not only about learning various programming languages. You have to know other concepts like business analytics to familiarize yourself with the industry.