iPhone Not Connecting to Netgear Router? How to Fix the Issue?

iPhone Not Connecting to Netgear Router? How to Fix the Issue?

After successfully completing Netgear WiFi router setup process using the routerlogin credentials, users are allowed to connect their any smart device to the router’s WiFi network to enjoy super-fast internet. But, what if the iPhone you have is not connecting to the WiFi network of your Netgear router.

Well, this can affect your internet experience and also put a full stop on many online tasks that depends upon your internet.  If you are desperately looking for a solution to the problem, then we must say, you have opened the right article. Here, in this Netgear WiFi router troubleshooting guide, we are going to annotate various hacks on how to fix iPhone not connecting to Netgear WiFi router issue. So, just give the below-mentioned hacks a shot and let your iPhone have lag-free internet access.

[Fixed] iPhone Not Connecting to Netgear Router Issue

1.      Check iPhone-Router Connection

First of all, we advise you check the connection between your Netgear WiFi router and iPhone. Make sure that it is fair enough. Besides, ensure that your smart device i.e. the iPhone is connected to the correct network. On the off chance, you mistakenly access the wrong network, you will surely face the issue. To fix the problem, you must have a nudge on the Netgear router and iPhone connection and ensure that everything is good going.

2.      Reboot Router & iPhone

Perhaps, a few technical glitches are preventing you from accessing internet on your iPhone. In such a case, we suggest you reboot your iPhone along with your Netgear WiFi range router. Wondering how to do so? If yes, follow the instructions provided below:

Turn off your iPhone and wait for some time. Make sure that the battery of your iPhone is fully charged. Thereafter, unplug your Netgear router and turn it off as well. Then, turn on your iPhone first and after a couple of minutes, plug in back your Netgear router. Give some time to your router LEDs to get stable.

Now, after rebooting your devices, see if you are troubleshoot iPhone not connecting to Netgear WiFi router issue. In case not, try the next hack highlighted below.

3.      Check the Internet Connection

Are you sure that you are getting sufficient range from the end of your internet service provider. Not sure? Well, you need to contact your ISP now. Request him to end this problem soon by providing you sufficient Gbps internet speed to access a lag-free WiFi on your iPhone.

Still getting the same issue? If yes, then ensure that you have connected your modem and Netgear WiFi router using an Ethernet source or in a wireless manner. Yes, you read it absolutely right! Just in case, you haven’t connected your Netgear router and modem, do it now. Because, connectivity issues between your router and Netgear device can also cause iPhone not connecting to Netgear WiFi router issue.

4.      Check the Password Entrée

Are you still struggling with the same issue? If yes, make sure that you have used the correct password to access your Netgear WiFi router’s WiFi via iPhone. On the other hand, if you have given a strong password to the router after doing router login setup, it is suggested to use it instead.

But, if you have forgotten the password, reset it right away. But, before you reset your router’s WiFi password, let is first congratulate you for doing so. Changing the password of your Netgear router to something unique and strong will protect your WiFi from potential threats and WiFi leeches.

Wrapping Up

This is all about our router troubleshooting guide on how to fix iPhone not connecting to Netgear WiFi router issue. Anticipating that the fixes listed above bring you luck. On the other hand, if you experience the same issue, just give them a try again.

Also, while learning how to fix this issue, if you managed to figure out some other way through which the same can be fixed, do share it with your fellow readers. We are anticipating that they will surely appreciate the effort made by you. If you do not believe us, drop a comment and see for yourself.