Pool pump repair vs. replace – A guide by a pool cleaning company in Georgia

Pool pump repair vs. replace – A guide by a pool cleaning company in Georgia

Pool pumps are an integral part of pool maintenance. You can not have a clean and sanitized pool without it. A pool cleaning company in Georgia has laid down a guideline for faulty pool pumps. 

The following article will ease the decision-making process of replacing or repairing pool pumps.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How pool cleaning service in Georgia is the best solution for fallacious pumps

There can be various reasons for fallacious pool pumps, mainly because of heat, rain, and pool chemicals. All these factors can have severe effects on pump functionality.

Nonetheless, you can identify whether you need pool pump repair services or not.

Slow water flow

You can easily figure out problems in pool pumps when you see slow water flow. It can have a significant effect on the pool cleaning process.

However, there is a fixture to every problem. You can have a pool cleaning services team on-site for a quick diagnosis. You can avail of cost-effective pool cleaning services from Clear Tec Pools. They have skilled and experienced technicians to put in time and dedication for Georgia’s finest pool cleaning services.

Leakage in pool pumps

There can be leakage problems in pool pumps.to fix it, you need to replace seals and get them repaired by professionals.

Pump sucking air

The reason why pumps suck air is usually due to loose fitting. However, there might be a few other reasons as well. We have listed it below.

  • Cracks in pump
  • Air leak
  • Faulty thread seal
  • An issue in the o-ring or gasket

Georgia pool cleaning service providers can resolve an issue like air-suck. They are fast, efficient, and certified for their services.

Signs you need a pump replacement by pool service in Georgia

A decision for pump replacement can be tricky. It can be hard for many to decide whether to repair pool pumps or replace them. The following signs will fasten the decision-making process.

Old pump

The age of pool pumps should be considered when it comes to replacement. After your pool pump surpasses five to six years, consider its replacement from a well-reputed pool company in Georgia. You can have a skilled team of technicians for new pump installation within minutes.

Pump housing damage

If you come across cracks or damage in the pump housing, then now is the time to replace it. There is no point in repairing it. The damage is already done, don’t waste money on fancy repair deals. Just get a new one installed.

Burnt pump motor

In the worst-case scenario, you can smell burnt motor pumps. If so, replace it immediately. You may spend more money installing a new pump but repairing an already dead pump isn’t worth it. We would rather suggest you get in touch with Georgia pool cleaning companies for quick assistance.


In summary, a leading pool cleaning company in Georgia can cater to all pool maintenance needs. Maintaining a healthy environment and well-being for your family or your business is essential.

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