7 Essential Benefits of Using Bongs

7 Essential Benefits of Using Bongs

Today bongs have been available in the market for hundreds of years, and they have a rich and legendary history. It is now becoming an essential collection for people smoking herbs. You will see a rise in the population who buy bongs online, as they are becoming a popular method to consume dry herbs. Some bongs have modern and innovative features for a better experience. You might have heard water pipe, billy, bing, binger, and more popular slang for bongs. 

What are bongs and its essential parts?

You inhale burnt tar or ash when you smoke from regular glass pipes, cigars, or cigarettes. This can affect your health and leave a bad experience.

In the case of bongs, there is nothing to stress. The water in the bong will trap the ashes and prevent you from inhaling anything harmful. The main anatomy of a bong is:

  • Bowl: This is the attachment where you will add your herbs and combusted. This is removable to allow you to clean and fill the herbs properly. 
  • Carburetor: This is a small hole that helps clean the smoke from the bong chamber. This is commonly made up of glass. 
  • Downstem: A small tube allows the smoke to travel from the bowl to the base through the water. 
  • Base: This is the bottom of the bong and comes in various shapes when you look into the online head shop collection. This handles the water, which cools the smoke. 
  • Tube: This ends in the mouthpiece and passes through the chamber. There are ice pinches and other features included in the tube design. 

What are the essential benefits of using bongs?

  1. They filter smoke!

The water in the bongs filters the toxins and carcinogens that are present in the burnt ash and tar. When you inhale, the water will percolate, and the smoke will rise through the bubbles and chamber before it reaches your lungs.

This water filtration is the most attractive feature of the bongs. Some traditional pieces lack this process. So you might want to avoid purchasing cheap bongs online to keep your lungs safe. 

  1. They taste better

 The filtration method makes your hits better, cooler, and smoother. In the early times, the traditional smoking methods irritated the throat as the smoke produced was harsh and hot. So, the water in the bong cools the temperature before it reaches you. When you go through an online head shop, prefer bongs with more percolators to get smooth hits and herbs taste. 

  1. Highly Affordable

Save Greens and Smoke them through bongs! There are chances that you might get engaged with expensive bongs as a beginner. But after you start exploring, you will know the perfect requirements for your smoking sessions. So prefer to buy bongs online as they have a wide collection and great deals.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Even with their complex designs and patterns, Bongs are not complex to clean. You just need hot water and a cloth to clean every piece of bongs. Always dump your water after each use to avoid any bacteria build-ups. 

  1. Easy Method to enjoy herbs 

Bongs are in many ways easier to use than joints, blunts, and more. You do not have to roll papers or require any additional accessories. Just ignite the bowl and inhale from the mouthpiece. 

  1. Availability of Accessories 

With the increase in the online head shops, you can see the elevation in the collection of bong accessories. Some commonly used are percolators, ice chambers, ash catchers, and more to make your hits. 

  1. Highly Durable and Sustainable 

Bongs can last for years if you maintain them properly. Even the bong pieces are highly durable. Choose the right material which has lesser chances to break. The Silicone bongs are considered to be indestructible. To maintain a bong for a long interval, you need to clean it regularly and follow the instructions to use it. 

How to smoke from a bong?

  • Add water to your bong. Ensure that the water should be just above the percolator or downstem. If you are using a new bong, fill it with water and inhale as hard as possible. This will bring water into your mouth. Just spit it. 
  • You can use fingers, but we advise grinders for grinding your herbs. Make them as fine as possible but don’t reach the texture of dust. 
  • Add this into the bowl. Pack them inside but not too tight. Allow some airflow. 
  • Keep the bong in your dominant hand and place your mouth over the mouthpiece. Inhale while you activate the lighter and bring it closer to the herbs. Stop igniting the bowl when you get the preferred amount of smoke. 

And that’s how you smoke a bong perfectly! 

Get the purest flavors!

Bongs are just awesome to have around, only if you know your taste and expectations from the hits. Get smooth, cool, and flavored hits of your herbs when you buy bongs online. 

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