Why Arlo Camera and Base Station Not Connecting to Router?

Why Arlo Camera and Base Station Not Connecting to Router?

Arlo device box contains a security camera, base station SmartHub, Ethernet cable, power cord, and user manual. It can be connected to your router with the help of the network cable.

After physical connection, you have to access the Arlo login interface and create an account to complete the Arlo setup.

There can be many reasons why your Arlo camera and base station is not connecting to the WiFi router.

Here, you will go through the possible reasons of the issue and how you can solve mentioned connection issue. So, let’s start with a list of the causing factors written down here.

Reasons: Why Arlo Not Connecting to Router

There are many causing factors why your Arlo security camera and SmartHub base station is not linking to the home WiFi router. Let’s list them all down here.

  1. One reason of the connection issue is using damaged cables like Ethernet cable and power cord to connect router to base station.
  2. Placing the router and base station near to electronic devices, which can cause signal interruptions can be a reason of disconnection between router and Arlo.
  3. Not choosing the correct ports to connect the cable can also cause router to Arlo base station not connecting to each other.

So, above were the possible reasons why your Arlo device is not connecting home WiFi router. Now, take a look how to solve this mentioned disconnection issue.

Solutions: Why Arlo Not Connecting to Router

Here in this section, you will get to know how to fix the mentioned problem with the help of down written five solutions and troubleshooting tips.

1.      Shift Arlo and Router to Optimal Spot

WiFi signal interruptions occur when electronic devices are nearby. So, you must make sure that there are no electronic devices near to the router or Arlo base station. If there is then, you have to shift your networking device to an optimal location.

2.      Don’t Use Damaged Cables for Link

You must check that there is no damaged cable attached to your Arlo or router like Ethernet cable or power cord. If you find any cut on any cable, then replace it with a new one right away.

3.      Choose Correct Ports to Connect

By connecting the Ethernet cable to link router and Arlo smartHub station, you must choose correct ports. The right pattern is router’s LAN port and Ethernet port of the base station.

4.      Create an Arlo Account Using Interface

If you haven’t created any account on your Arlo interface by using your computer or phone, then create one. Use your computer, connect it to your router, open web browser, and search my.arlo.com. Then, click on the New To Arlo option enter your name, Email-ID, and generate password and you will able to create myarlo.com login ID.

5.      Reboot Arlo Camera and WiFi Router

Sometimes, no solution or tip will work, which are above written. In this kind of situation, you have to reboot the router as well as the Arlo camera. Just find power button of the both the devices and press them twice.

Conclusion Lines

Here in this article post, you have read possible reasons why your Arlo is not connecting to home WiFi router. We have provided a list of some causing factors and then to solve the problem with the help of troubleshooting tips and solutions.