Moving With Pets? Here Are The Dos And Donts

Moving With Pets? Here Are The Dos And Donts

Are you dreading the thought of uprooting your furry friends during your move? We understand the stress and anxiety that can come with relocating pets. The last thing you want is to see your beloved companions feeling unsettled or scared during the journey. But fret not! 

Some moving companies take special care of your pets. Even if you are handling your relocation by yourself, you can follow some rules like a professional moving company in Melbourne. It eases your work and stress. 

Here’s exactly what you need to do. 

1. Introduce your pet to packing materials gradually.

Who doesn’t love the joy of an empty box or crinkly tissue paper? Your furry friends may be no exception. Start packing early and let your pets explore the boxes as you go. Stock up on supplies weeks ahead and leave boxes open with less-used items. Before you know it, they will be ignoring the cardboard chaos. 

This simple step, recommended by house removalists in Melbourne, helps prevent disruptions and paw-ssible box attacks as moving day draws near. 

2. Maintain your pet’s routine to alleviate stress.

Pets, particularly dogs and cats, thrive on familiarity. Any deviation from their established routine can spike their anxiety levels. While it might seem tempting to let their daily rituals slide amidst the chaos of packing, maintaining consistency is key to their well-being.

  • Stick to their regular feeding times.
  • Never skip their customary walks or play sessions.
  • Shower them with a bit of extra love and patience; remember, the upheaval is stressful for them too!

3. Ensure your pets are entertained.

To keep your pets happy during your move, it’s important to give them attention and playtime. Even though you will be busy, spending a little extra time with them can help ease their stress. Playing and exercising with your pets helps them burn off nervous energy, making them calmer during the move. 

If you are too busy, ask a friend to take them for a walk or play outside. You can also hire a dog walker using apps. Brain games are another fun way to keep your pets entertained and occupied while you focus on packing and moving.

4. Keep a comfortable space for your pet. 

During a move, your home might get really messy with boxes and stuff everywhere. But it’s important to keep a quiet, comfy space just for your pet. Whether it’s a small room, a cosy corner, or even a closet, having a place where they can relax is important, especially for cats and dogs. 

If possible, have someone watch your pet while you move, but that’s not always an option. If your pet is with you, make sure their space is ready first when you get to your new home. Put their bed or crate in a cosy spot where they can feel safe and hear you.  

5. Keep your pets close to you.

Ensure your pet’s safety by keeping them close during the move. With doors constantly opening and closing and people bustling about, it’s easy for pets to get scared and wander off. 

So, keep them secure in a kennel or a closed room where they can’t escape. Never leave your dog alone in the backyard while moving in. Keep a recent photo and updated tags or microchips handy in case they do manage to get away. It’s better to be prepared for any situation to keep your furry friend safe during this hectic time.

6. Have an emergency pet kit.

Prepare a special bag for your pet in case of emergencies during the move. Having all their essential items ready will help reduce stress for both you and your furry friend. Include items like water bowls, toys, a blanket, food, treats, and kitty litter to keep them comfortable. 

Additionally, don’t forget to pack paper towels and disposable plastic bags to handle any unexpected messes that may occur along the way. Being prepared with these necessities will ensure a smoother and more comfortable transition for your pet during the moving process.

7. Prepare your pet for the journey.

If you have hired a moving company in Melbourne and are planning to let the staff carry your pet to the location, you might be making a mistake. Keeping it with you in your vehicle is always a better option. 

  • Place them in a crate or carrier in the backseat.
  • Fasten them with a seatbelt. 
  • Ensure that there are no loose objects around that could harm the pet. 
  • Cover their crate or carrier with a blanket to limit visual stimulation, especially for birds.

Final Word: 

Finally, before choosing a moving company in Melbourne, it’s wise to compare options. It’s crucial to find movers who prioritise the well-being of your pet. Puzzle Movers is one such house removalist in Melbourne who acknowledges the importance of quick, efficient service to alleviate stress on moving days.
So, reach out to the experts at Puzzle Removals if you need a reliable moving company for your shift. Good luck!

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