WavLink Extender Red Light? Let’s Get It Fixed!

WavLink Extender Red Light? Let’s Get It Fixed!

Are you experiencing WavLink extender red light issue? If your answer is a big yes, then it could be various reasons behind experiencing the issue. Be it, improper WavLink AC1200 setup or outdated extender’s firmware, outdated firmware of the extender, or its bad location, improper extender’s placement or no connection between it and your internet router.

There could be one more reason behind getting the issue. What? If the reset button was pressed accidentally or intentionally. No matter whatever is the reason causing the issue, know that we have got you covered. Here, we have jotted down the fixes that are surely going to help you troubleshoot WavLink extender red light issue. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Note: The WavLink extender’s model, AC1200 is just mentioned here for an example. So, don’t scroll away if you don’t have the extender of this particular model. Ok, continue reading!

How to Fix WavLink Extender Red Light Issue?

To get rid of the red light issue, kindly apply the fixes provided here. Read them first. Once you have gone through them, you can apply any one or all which you find easy. Hence, continue reading!

Reboot Your WavLink WiFi Extender

You first need to reboot your WiFi range extender in order to get rid of the red light issue.

How to reboot or restart the extender?

To reboot or restart the WavLink extender, you have to unplug it from its respective power outlet, wait for 5 minutes, and then plug it back in again. The LEDs on your range extender will not blink red anymore. If it (the extender) is still flashing a red color, don’t delay much and try the next hack.

While you are restarting the extender, kindly ensure that no client device in your home is connected to WavLink device. We will help making the connection between them later on. But, for the time being, means while the restarting process is going on, your devices must not be connected to each other by any means. Got it?

Change the WavLink Extender’s Location

Now, try changing the placement of your WiFi range extender and see if it helps you fixing the red light issue or not.

Where to place the extender?

Your range extender should be placed at the center-most and higher location in your home, and always in reach of your internet router. Kindly avoid placing your device (the extender) back of your PC (or any other device), beneath your study table, inside your closet, etc.

The same thing is applicable for your internet router as well. Means, you have to place it in accordance to the placement of your range extender.

Connect Your Wavlink Extender and Internet Router

You may experience the red light issue if there is no connection between your internet router and the range extender. So, get ready to fix the issue by connecting your devices in a proper manner. How? Just take an Ethernet cable and once you have it, put its one end into your WavLink device and other end into your existing device (router).

Update WavLink Extender Firmware

An outdated firmware of the extender is also another major reason behind getting the red light issue. To get it fixed, you need to ensure that the firmware of your range extender is up-to-date.

Let the firmware update process complete by itself. Do not interrupt the process by turning off the extender, refreshing the web page, closing the web browser, and so on.

Reset and Reconfigure the WavLink Extender

What happened? No luck? It means that the extender is not configured properly. No worries! We can help you with this. Just reset your WavLink device by pressing and holding the reset button on your range extender for 10 seconds and releasing it after that. And, once the reset process is completed successfully, perform WavLink WiFi extender setup process from scratch.

To Wrap Up

Our how-to guide on how to fix WavLink extender red light issue ends here. Anticipating that after implementing the fixes, the red light issue is not troubling you anymore. There is one more thing that we would like to share with you! Look, if you bookmark this article, it will prove beneficial for you. How? What if you face the same issue again? If you get so, you will have the fixes at your finger tips, right?

Wishing you happy streaming!