Having High Ping Issues with D-Link Router? Fix It Together!

Having High Ping Issues with D-Link Router? Fix It Together!

Because of your D-Link wireless router’s high ping, do you frequently experience gaming lag? Let’s make it a tale from the past, then. This post will provide you with some crucial advice for resolving high ping issues with D-Link routers. Continue to read.

How to Fix a D-Link Router’s High Ping?

  • Firmware updates

The router’s out-of-date firmware is the primary cause of your high ping problems, which makes it difficult for you to win games. Be aware that a router stops having the newest features and technologies when it runs on an outdated version. As a result, issues like high ping start to appear. As a result, you are urged to go to dlinkrouter.local and update the router’s firmware. Make sure not to upload the incorrect firmware file to the router while you are carrying out the process, though. Additionally, make sure you stop the process by turning off the router or unplugging it from the primary modem.

  • Regularly inspect the LAN cable

When using a D-Link router, a high ping indicates a shaky internet connection. If the LAN connections connecting to the router are not functioning properly, it may occur. This is due to three factors. First, check to see if the Ethernet wire that connects your modem and router is broken. Second, if the cable is incorrectly (loosely) attached. The cable is also not connected to the proper ports on the networking equipment. Therefore, check to see if the cable is not broken apart. In addition, it needs to be correctly linked to the ports on your networking equipment. Additionally, only the D-Link device’s Internet port and the modem’s LAN1 port can be used for the router-modem connection.

  • Start the router again

It appears that since you bought the WIFI router, you haven’t given it enough time to rest. This is to let you know that your WIFI router needs some rest because it is a technological device. Restarting the router will also resolve technical issues. Therefore, there is no need for you to restart your WIFI equipment. Turn it off and take it out of the electrical outlet for this. You are now required to give your WIFI router a 40-minute break. Last but not least, plug in and turn on your WIFI device. Check to see if the high-ping issue is still present if the LED lights on the router start to remain stable. On your WIFI-enabled gadget, you can perform a ping test for the same.

  • Wi-Fi channel change

Your WIFI router’s WIFI channel configuration may potentially be to blame for the problem. It happens because a lot of users configure their WIFI routers to operate on a busy network channel. The WIFI signals that the router emits as a result have a difficult time passing through every part of the house. You might have made the same error. Whatever it is, you must now make it accurate. To do this, change the WIFI channel as soon as you can by going to the IP address on a device linked to your WIFI network. This time, think about choosing a less-busy channel.

The Final Word

That is all there is to fixing high ping with a D-Link router. We have high hopes that you will be able to solve the issue quickly. However, if you continue to have problems, have the router moved. Put it in a spot with the least amount of signal interference. In addition, keep it away from corners and close to solid concrete walls.

You will need to re-configure your WiFi router if nothing else works out for you. But first, reset the router by using a paper clip and an oil pin to press the Reset button. After that, configure the router once more using the default IP or web address.