Just Use A Wavlink Router For Good Signals

Just Use A Wavlink Router For Good Signals

When you are always looking for good signals then, just try a router. However, if the signals are not accurate then, for sure there is a setup issue. But for that, you need to read the article with full patience. 

Why Pick A Router?

To get the fast speed you have to pick a mesh Wi-Fi system. It delivers fast and reliable Wi-Fi and excellent coverage. Whether you install it at your house or office, it will eliminate the WiFi dead spots easily and provide better coverage. So, to get better connectivity and strong signals, setting up the router is a must. 

Secure Your Router

Here is the first wavlink router setup, keep your eyes on it. After configuring the router, you need to secure the router by securing it with one password, so that no one can think of shifting the signal. If you will not make your router secure, your neighbors will definitely theft the data from your connection. In addition, it will leave your connection extremely slow.

Set a password immediately to configure and make your router password protect. It is necessary as only some of the passwords come with a security code, and not all of them are preconfigured.

How To Set Up Your Wi-Fi Password

First just look out for the IP address, though it is mostly on the router. So check the sleeves and back properly. 

Here are the steps if you don’t know how to configure it:

  • Firstly,  to open the screen you need to press the Windows start key.
  • Furthermore, to launch the Command Prompt type “cmd” and press the enter key.
  • After that, to configure all, type IP config/all in the command prompt and press the Enter bar.
  • Now your IP address will get listed as shown in the list below.
  • Thereafter, type the IP address in the browser as well.
  • This will help in opening your router setting and will ask to login, in only if the username and password is printed above or below the router. But, in case you have no information given you need to talk to contact your service provider.
  • Once you reach the router settings, hence you can set up a new password and secure your Wi-Fi from theft, or the hackers as well.

However, if you are still not able to set up the password; then you can go into the portal of Wavlink ac600 setup and change or re-configure your password here. 

Router is Almost Years Ago

If you have almost a year ago then how could you imagine getting better speed? Everybody knows the latest router will not let you lose the connection so often. The old router does not support the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz as well as the latest standard series which is- 802.11ac/ WiFi 5. 

It is time to look up for a change to the old with the latest, altogther when it comes to ISP the router/modem units, it is providing it up for upgradation to the latest and greatest.

Check The Antenna Of The Router

When you face the problem of connection very often then, you need to check the position of the router’s antennas. Yes, it is a problem as it is not predictable but a problem. So just adjust the antennas and get the best signals. 

Check Cable Connection

To bring the landline and internet in many routers/modems there is still a coaxial RG-6 cable used. It will affect the performance for sure like you are taking a scooter inside a car race.

Tighten up the connection with a cable connector and secure the connection. Make sure the cables do not have knots. Possibly check the box and cables for the inner side to outside of the box. The same will happen to your internet speed as well.

We hope that by these methods you can easily troubleshoot the issues of slow internet. Additionally, if your Wavlink router’s range is not adequate, you can use the same brand of Wavlink WiFi extender. You can learn more about wavlink ac1200 setup on the official website. 

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