Infographics and Stock Footage: Helpful Tips for Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Infographics and Stock Footage: Helpful Tips for Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Today, it seems like every business is using videos to promote their products and catch the attention of new audiences on social media. Now, you’re ready to discover the potential of video marketing for your own business! If you need help incorporating video into your overall marketing plan, here are some tips shared by The Tech Swing to help you produce videos and save money on video marketing.

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing refers to any form of advertising that includes video content, from blog posts to social media posts. Producing videos seems like a lot of work for the average marketing team, so why is the effort worth it? Videos can drastically increase sales conversions, provide a high return on investment, improve your company’s search rankings, and build trust with your audience.

Coming Up With Ideas

You’re interested in creating videos for your business, yet you don’t know which subjects you should focus on. There are truly no limits to the types of videos that you can produce for marketing purposes. If you need some inspiration, Freshwater Agency recommends creating videos that showcase your products in action, video testimonials from real customers, product demonstrations and how-to instructions, or educational infographics in video form.

Learn About Your Target Audience

Before you launch a video marketing campaign, it’s important to find out who your target market and audience are. Knowing who your customers are and what they need is essential to creating successful videos that will reach the right people. Taking time to identify trends in your customer behavior can help you create videos tailored to their specific interests and needs while also allowing you to track response metrics and improve future campaigns. Understanding who you’re targeting with each video is key for creating effective marketing content.

Filming Videos In-House

You’ve nailed down a few marketing video ideas, and you’re ready to bring your team together to plan, shoot, and edit the videos in-house. Yes, this is a big undertaking, but it can also be a lot of fun! You’ll begin by brainstorming together, writing a script, and choosing a shooting location with good lighting. You may want to invest in a professional camera and microphones for shooting. Practice framing your subjects for good composition, and ensure that your image is stable as you record. Finally, feel free to break up shooting across a few sessions, since recording a long video in one day can be exhausting for the cast and crew alike. 

Budget-Friendly Video Production

Maybe you’re curious about video marketing, but you’re worried about the costs. After all, producing videos is generally more expensive than creating social media graphics or sending out an email newsletter. However, you can turn to cost-effective options to reduce your expenses. You can shoot and edit simple videos on a phone rather than using a camera, or or better yet, save money and time by adding stock videos for free! 

Incorporating Infographics

Infographics are an effective way to make your video marketing campaign more engaging. With its combination of visuals, text, and data, infographics can easily convey key messages to your viewers in a digestible format. They can be used to simplify complex topics or summarize information in a visually appealing way. Infographics can also be repurposed into content pieces like blog posts, slideshows and social media posts. When incorporated into your video marketing campaign, infographics will help boost viewership and engagement.

To create your infographics, you can try this: a free infographics maker. This is a great way to quickly and easily design professional-looking infographics without the help of a designer. From choosing a template to adding data and visual elements, an infographics maker allows you to customize your own graphics in minutes. 

Promoting Your Videos

Before promoting your videos, you’ll need to select editing software to ensure that your marketing videos are ready for promotion. With so many possible platforms available for sharing your videos, which ones should you choose? Naturally, you’ll want to post marketing videos on social media. Keep in mind that shorter videos are best for platforms like Twitter or TikTok while sharing longer videos on YouTube is a good idea. 

You don’t want to neglect Facebook either, because Facebook’s algorithm promotes video content in users’ feeds above all other types of posts. If your audience is primarily young adults or teens, you can even share videos on Snapchat! To get as many eyes on your videos as possible, use search engine optimization techniques like inserting transcripts, designing eye-catching thumbnails, and carefully crafting accurate titles and descriptions with the right keywords.

Video marketing can help you deepen your relationship with your audience while connecting with new customers on several platforms. You don’t necessarily need expensive equipment or software programs to create polished videos, either! With these tips, you’ll be able to film aesthetically pleasing videos in-house or even use royalty-free stock footage to create low-cost marketing content that’s sure to make a big difference.