Why is a business blog essential for your business?

Why is a business blog essential for your business?

Do you have a website to present your business and are you wondering what a business blog could be used for? Yet you have often been asked if you have one. But, from what you may have read, a blog requires a lot of personal investment. You do not see how you could manage this blog and moreover if you do not like to write, you are not tempted at all. That’s a shame! Today, the corporate blog is a marketing medium that allows you to bring more visibility on the web thanks to the creation of content intended for your sector of activity. Be careful not to confuse it either with the personal blog which shares moods and product tests for brands, nor with the professional blog which is the heart of the business in itself and which generates income. The corporate blog is well at the service of your business in order to increase your sales through your website. Here are the 7 main benefits that will eventually convince you to create a blog, just after reading this article.

1. Drive traffic to your site

It seemed obvious. But it is nevertheless very true. Your site as beautiful and complete as it is, it is rarely updated.

So how do people get to your site?

Think for 2 minutes.

  • Either they know the URL of your site and type it directly into the Google bar.
  • Either you have done paid Google or Facebook advertising campaigns that have cost you dearly.

However, to bring traffic for free without people knowing you, you have to be active online!

And to be active online, you have to have things to say and share.

Be careful, social networks will not bring people to your site if you have nothing to share and if you do not put links to your best Medical Ghostwriting Services.

The corporate blog allows you to have constant and fresh content to share. Thanks to the topics covered in your blog articles, the words used (the famous keywords) and the relevance of the information offered, you offer the possibility to Internet users to find you and to Google to appreciate you in its ranking.

2. Improve your SEO

You’re what?

Yes, you’re Search Engine Optimization!

When you created your site, you must have heard about it: natural referencing (different from paid referencing with the purchase of ads), that is to say at what level of Google you appear. On the 50th page or on the 1st page of Google?

And, to bring you closer to this famous 1st page, the blog is your best ally.


A blog needs to be fed regularly, to be active. And that, Google loves, because your site lives.

In addition, blog articles are shared on social networks, your online presence is constant. So you reach a wider audience. People click on your articles and visit your site.

Google gradually perceives you as relevant in your theme and naturally brings you up in its ranks.

They say you rank well.

3. Bring leads

If Google likes you, if you have more and more visitors to your site, these are all potential customers.

These visitors must be transformed into leads or prospects.

What could be better than a small free gift in exchange for their personal information, i.e. name and e-mail?

People love free. So add a short Call to Action (CTA) or call to action at the end of your blog posts.

A free quote to receive by email, a PDF to download that gives solutions to a problem, a recipe, a procedure, a summary, etc. So many free and useful products to distribute in exchange for an email address.

A person who gives his email address is a prospect who can turn into a customer.

4. Show expertise with a business blog

If the visitor clicked to download your free product, it means that you arouse their interest. So he finds in your blog posts, useful, practical and relevant information that meets his needs.

You show that you know what you are talking about.

You write about what’s new in your industry. Position yourself as a watch on your theme.

You present your products for sale in a precise way, going deep into the subject.

5. Build your brand

The corporate blog is also an opportunity to talk a bit about yourself.

You can share the story of the company, how it all started and where the company stands today.

Through articles, present the evolutions, the vision and the philosophy of the company.

And of course, a few articles on customer testimonials are all proof to convince potential customers and establish you as a reference brand.

6. Do high value-added marketing at a lower cost

It is one of the cheapest ways to advertise.

An article is a permanent online advertisement that can be shared all over the internet for 0€. Conversely, an AdWords or Facebook advertising campaign is limited in time and costs money.

Also, as I tell you in point 4, you can promote your products in your articles.

Thus, you put your brand forward.

7. Win the trust of customers

This is certainly the most important point.

Take a showcase or e-commerce site without the possibility of opinions or comments. There is no exchange possible unless the prospect or customer finds the link to your contact page. He writes you a message and the answer you give him SongWriting Services will not benefit anyone.

However, with a blog, you give the opportunity to your readers to leave comments readable by all. They will then generate a response from you.

And that’s it, the exchange is created!

By thanking for the positive review or explaining a review, you show your credibility and gain the trust of the potential customer. He will then be a little more ready to buy.

What you must remember

The corporate blog only brings benefits:

  • free visibility on the internet with a better positioning of your pages in Google
  • An increase in your sales by developing customer confidence and demonstrating your expertise.

Of course, all the interest of the blog is to make it live regularly. You must therefore be consistent, have ideas for article topics (even if I have given you some ideas in this article) and an editorial line that constantly serves your brand and your products.

Are you convinced of the benefits of blogging for your business, but you don’t have time to write or you don’t like it? Here, on the Web blog, you will find many freelance web editors, ready to write for you. Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking directly on the link of our signatures or by leaving a comment following this article.