Benefits Of Decorative Laminates Over Tiles

Benefits Of Decorative Laminates Over Tiles

When it comes to decorating any personal or commercial space, it is safe to say that decorative laminates are fast changing the course of surfacing materials used in different interior design projects. If you intend to decorate your newly bought house or redecorate your old office space, digital laminates are your way to go. It is the quickest way of changing the outlook of any interior into something luxurious and quaint. The best part is you can have the look of an expensive interior without burning a hole into your pocket.

Today it is easy to come across several brands manufacturing and selling laminates. But the quality can vary widely both in terms of durability and available designs. Talking about the quality we can not help but mention Royale Touche laminates as they have established themselves as one the best laminate brands.

Digital laminates are fast replacing traditional surfacing materials like wood, paint, marble or stones as they are expensive and the installation process is lengthy. They become an inconvenient choice for a larger commercial space. High-Pressure decorative laminates, on the other hand, are durable, cost-effective and take minimum installation time. Such laminate sheets can be used as surfacing materials for floors, walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets, kitchen tops and so on.

The endless variety of  laminate design

available in terms of colours, textures,  and patterns making it possible to blend seamlessly with any type of interior. From high gloss laminates to beautifully textured laminates the choices are quite a few. Be it your house, office or any commercial space, laminate sheets are suitable for use everywhere.

Why use laminates instead of tiles?

Laminates have replaced a lot of old-school resurfacing materials and tiles are one of them. Until a few years back, the use of tiles for surfacing floors or walls was quite common. But now laminates are the preferred choice of both interior designers and owners for any renovation venture. Here are some reasons why everyone is leaning towards laminate sheets for redecorating their spaces.

Tiles are more expensive than laminates

Tiles are undoubtedly the expensive ones of the two. Both the buying and installation cost is greater for tiles. Laminates, on the other hand, can make your floors look as stunning as tiles at half of the cost.

Tiles require professional installation

Tiles require cutting as well as laying out the grout which can only be done by professionals and adds up to the overall installation cost. On the contrary, the ease of laminate installation makes it to the list of everyone’s favourites. The modern versions are even far easier to install than the older variants. If you want you can take it up us a DIY projects as all you need is cutting it into required measurements and pasting on the surface.

Variety of designs

If you like experimenting with the look of your house or office then look no further than different textured laminates for the floors. Textured laminates that resemble wood flooring or other natural material look extremely elegant and stylish. It is easy to pick the one to suit your tastes from the wide selection of designs.

Laminate feels soft on the feet

You may have noticed how the tiles can feel quite hard under your feet while walking barefoot on the floor. But laminates feel cushiony and soft under the feet. The cushion underneath can make the tough laminate feel softer than the feel of the tiles. This is one of the major reasons to replace the tiles with laminate, especially for the flooring.

Almost as durable as tiles

We all look for durability while picking up the materials for our space. No one would want to compromise on that part. Laminates can compete well with floor tiles in terms of durability considering the huge price difference. Laminates are no less than tiles as they are waterproof, heatproof, scratch-proof, and wear and tear-resistant.

Less maintenance compared to tiles

Tiles need regular sealing, scrubbing, and even some grout repair or replacement. It can be quite a hassle on busy days. Laminate floors require minimum effort to keep them looking nice and clean for years. There is no grout where the dirt and dust can accumulate. Only wiping with a soft damp cloth is enough to keep them clean and maintained.

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