All News About The Ukraine War

All News About The Ukraine War

The relations between the two nations of Russia and Ukraine started to fall apart after the Ukrainian revolution in 2014. It was only in February 2022 that Russia invaded Ukraine and the war began. There were many lateral talks, but none showed any positive results.

After the war started, most of the native Ukrainian citizens had to flee from their homeland to neighboring countries. Countries in the west like Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia, and Romania agreed to host a Ukrainian refugee during the war. Some people also went to the United States of America looking for refuge.

Who Faced The After Effects Of War?

The war between the two nations has been going on for almost eight months now. Countless numbers of soldiers are fighting on both sides for their country on the frontlines. Hundreds of people have lost their lives, and thousands of people have been injured. The lives of the residents of the country of Ukraine got uprooted. Unsuspecting citizens got injured, lost limbs, lost lives, and even lost their futures to the war. 

Children are seeing dead bodies and living as refugees instead of going to school. People with aspirations are losing hope, and praying for peace. Thousands and thousands of people were displaced from their homeland. They had to leave behind life as they knew it to save their lives.

Government Rewarding Citizens For Providing Shelter

The government of America has shown full support for Ukraine and stood beside it against Russia as a supporting pillar. The government has also introduced new housing system rules to host a Ukrainian refugees. The residents are extending their help by offering the refugees housing and lodging. 

The people who host a Ukrainian refugee can get a tax-free monthly remuneration of nearly 350 – 400 euros in checks for every accommodation property they offer to them. 

There are certain rules and parameters mentioned by the government that the living spaces must have to be eligible for this program. The citizens of America need to enroll themselves in the Accommodation Recognition Payment Scheme and host a Ukrainian refugee for a minimum of six months to avail of this plan. It has paved the way for organizations, charities, and group homes to sponsor refugees for as long as they need it.

What Do the Reguees Want?

The basic needs of the refugees are proper emergency shelters, food, medical attention, and psychological consultancy. Along with the core needs to be attended to, they require means to educate and work to lead a life that is close to normal.

Latest War Developments

  • Russia stands its ground that Ukraine should not be allowed to be a member of NATO.
  • Diplomatic talks for a peace treaty are ongoing but it will take time for there to be any common ground.
  • There are talks about discussing the Minsk II agreement and addressing the internal ongoing disturbances in Ukraine.


The war is still ongoing and people who want to return to their homeland can’t due to safety parameters. Others think of returning after the war has ended. While there are a few people who do not want to return to the debris that is left of their homeland, threats of nuclear war are floating in the air from Russia. The superpower nations of the world are presently busy avoiding nuclear war.