A Quick Guide to Choose the best Bed Throws for your home

A Quick Guide to Choose the best Bed Throws for your home

Natural worsted bed throws are soft, warm, and, above all, anti-allergic. Lanolin, i.e. natural animal fat, contained in each fiber, coats each hair, preventing the formation of bacteria and mites, and therefore does not cause irritation.

Hypoallergenic bed throws

Hypoallergenic bed throws have much more advantages. Remember that wool perfectly reflects excess moisture and heat to the outside. Thanks to this, a person covered with bed throws does not uncover and does not get cold, which is the first cause of rheumatic conditions and arthritis. Of course, in order to maintain all properties, it is necessary to have a product made of 100% wool, without any admixture of other fibers.

For woolen throws to be delicate, it is important that they are made of high-quality wool. The most popular woolen throws are made of Australian merino wool, the fibers of which are thin and elastic, and the knitted wool woven from them has a positive effect on the health of the body. Camel and cashmere throws are slightly more expensive, but even more luxurious, which are additionally characterized by exceptional elegance and delicacy of the fleece.

The advantages of bed throw

Each type of wool from which woolen throws are sewn improves blood circulation, and micro-massage, which is performed by mere contact with woolen products, stimulates and regenerates the body. The effect is, although it may seem unimaginable, a reduction in the risk of a heart attack and an improvement in the blood supply to the brain, which has a positive effect on memory and concentration.

In order for warm bed throws to serve us for a long time, we must ensure proper cleaning. If the throw is dirty, it is recommended to wash it in special detergents with lanolin, dedicated to the wool fleece.

Weight and size

The size of the throw we choose depends only on our needs and preferences. However, it is worth remembering that throws that will serve as a cover should be 150 × 200 cm (for adults) and 75 × 100 cm (for children). If you are looking for a bedspread, choose a product from 160 × 200 cm to 240 × 220 cm.

Before buying, we should also pay attention to the weight of the throw. The higher it is, the warmer, thicker, and fleshier the throw will be, but also heavier. The basis weight of a fabric or fabric is the weight expressed in grams of 1 square meter of fabric or fabric. The unit by which we determine the grammage is gram per square meter (g / m²). The basis weight does not determine the quality and type of material, but only the weight (weight) of a square meter of the material.

Finishing and type of staining

We have a wide range of throw colors and finishes on the market. The ones with fringes or thick and visible stitching work best. Such throws will not tear or fray at the edges.

Let’s also pay attention to the type of dyeing the throw. It is worth choosing products dyed with natural dyes. Unfortunately, many throws of unknown origin are chemically dyed. Such a throw will not be friendly to our bodies, and what is worse, it can sensitize us. Some throws are still colored with the mercury method. Throws that are dyed with this method can be harmful to your health. Fortunately, this method of staining is becoming less and less common.