Best Roblox Games to Play When Bored

Best Roblox Games to Play When Bored

This comprehensive list contains the most fun Roblox games that you can play when bored. It might just be enough to get your enthusiasm up to go back to Roblox! 

These are some best Roblox Games to play when you get bored.

  • Anime Fighters Simulator
  • Speedy Simulator
  • Brookhaven Roleplay
  • Tower of Hell
  • Survive the Killer!
  • Squid Game
  • Tower Defense Simulator

Anime Fighters Simulator

Active Users 46.3k

Visits: 670 Million

Rating: 93%

This is not a fighting game, despite the title. Instead, you collect fighters and send them out to battle against different enemies. It’s a lot like Pokemon or other similar creature-collecting games. It’s always a blast to watch your fighter kick, punch, and blast through any enemies in their path.

Your characters will increase in stature and unlock new upgrades as you fight. This will allow them to achieve their full potential.

Speedy Simulator

Active Users 7.5k

Visitors: 187 Million

Rating: 95%

Sign up for races and run to your goal. It’s simple, entertaining, and easy to sign up for races. Speedy Simulator goes beyond racing games. It also features a variety of RPG elements such as an upgrade system that allows you to gradually level up by taking a series of steps. You can also find power-ups scattered around the courses and hubs, which you can use to get more steps and gems to purchase stuff.

Although you may start slow, you will soon become a better player and can race with other players who have been playing longer.

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Tower of Hell

Active Users 51.5k

Visits: 16.6 Billion

Rating: 77%

This platforming game focuses on navigating through procedurally generated jumping puzzles. The goal is to become the first person to reach the top. You will need to run, jump and perform precise platforming in order to achieve this goal.

Because platforming can be very challenging, this Roblox experience is some of the most intense and exciting we’ve ever shared. BlueStacks allows you to play Roblox on your PC. This will give you a better control scheme that lets you jump and run more precisely. For Roblox exploit we can use Krnl. It offers thousands of scripts for free. Krnl is completely safe, virus-free, and threat-free.

Survive the Killer

Active Users 20.8k

Visits: 995 Million

Rating: 89%

A survival horror game in which one player is the killer and the other players are the survivors. The killer’s objective is to capture and kill as many people as possible before time runs out. Players must work together as survivors to escape the killer’s grasp and run, hide and distract him.

Survive The Killer matches are intense and adrenaline-inducing as you can see from the description. This makes it one of the most exciting titles on this list. This one is a great choice if you like games like Dead by Daylight.

Squid Game

Active Users 4.4k

Visitors: 714 Million

Rating: 86%

Despite a decline in active users, Squid Game Roblox is still very popular and provides lots of excitement through various minigames.

Like the TV show, the game’s players must play a variety of minigames simultaneously and survive to the end. This is almost impossible because they must not only survive the perils but also defend themselves against other players. Squid Games can be enjoyed even without player interaction.

Tower Defense Simulator

Active Users 22.9k

1.5 billion visits

Rating: 93%

This list cannot be completed without mentioning at least one tower defense Roblox experience. That’s why we’re closing this article with Tower Defense Simulator.

The objective of this game, as its name suggests, is to control your lane and create a variety of defenses to protect yourself against waves and hordes of enemies. You’ll also collect currency as you survive the waves. This currency can be used to upgrade and build your defenses and increase your power, allowing you to defend against more difficult enemies.


The tools and methods of creating games are not only better than ever, but they are also more accessible to kids. Roblox is the best example. Roblox is a hugely multiplayer online game-making platform. It is so simple to create something enjoyable, and there are millions of Roblox gaming experiences to choose from.