What Can Advertising Do For Your Local Business

Spreading the word about your small business is essential if you want to grow. Fortunately, advertising makes it easier than ever. 

We’re not talking about traditional phone book placement, television advertising, or radio spots. Instead, we’re looking at the many ways you can leverage advertising online to grow your business. 

Curious what advertising can do for your local business and whether you should work with the best Ottawa digital marketing services or do things yourself? Let’s take a look!

Lay the Foundation For Your Advertising

The first step to effective advertising is to lay a good foundation online. That means that when people see ads about your company and then do research about you, they’ll find a great website and a strong online presence.

So before you set up your first ad, make sure your website is excellent. That means creating content that’s interesting and engaging for your ideal audience and having specific pages that you can point your ads to. The targets of your ad links are called “landing pages,” and they should be relevant to your ad while continuing the conversation and moving your visitors toward a purchase.

Also, be sure to claim and fill out your Google Business profile. When people Google your company name, they should find information about your location, hours, and how to contact you. Pictures and videos make the profile even more compelling.

The stronger your online presence is before you start running ads, the better results you’ll get from your advertising campaign.

Advertising Puts Your Where Your Customers Spend Time

Advertising is all about finding out what your customers pay attention to and then choosing that as a platform for advertising. In the past, companies would advertise during the types of TV shows and radio programs that their customers listened to. Or, they’d put up billboards where ideal customers drove.

Today, if you offer services like tax resident in Malta, people will likely spend hours online, especially on social media to look for such services you offer. They will look for information on Google. As a result, advertising that is targeted to your specific audience on social media or Google search can put your company’s message directly in front of the people who are most interested.

Being able to have your message find exactly the right people is one of the biggest advantages of online advertising.

Advertising Helps You Clearly Define Your Message

An advertisement has only a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience. That means you need to be very clear on what you’re going to say and how you’ll say it. Need help setting it up? Consider working with the best Ottawa digital marketing services.

For example, if your business is ant control in Barrie, you could get a lot of attention by having a short video of getting rid of ants using home remedies. Then, your message could say “Tired of eliminating ants? Let us take care of it!” with a button for them to click to contact you.

The message is clear: Bugs are disgusting, no one wants to deal with them, and your business helps homeowners get rid of them for good.

If you haven’t taken the time to clearly define your audience and message, advertising will force you to. That’s a good thing. It’s important to know what makes you stand out from your competition so that you can attract the right customers to your business. 

Great Advertising Brings Quick Results

The right advertising can bring new customers to your door right away. That means you can use it alongside other marketing methods that are long-term as they build momentum. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) can bring you, ideal new customers, on a regular basis for a much lower cost than advertising. 

However, it takes time to get ranked well on Page One of Google. In the meantime, you can attract customers by creating a budget for advertising on social media or Google searches. 

Of course, if you want your marketing to work well, you’ll want to work with the best Ottawa digital marketing services. We’re proud of the results we’re able to deliver to our clients when it comes to SEO and new business. We’d love to help you grow as well!

Should You DIY Your Advertising?

Small business owners are famous for finding ways to save money, and that means that they do things themselves instead of hiring help often. Sometimes that doesn’t turn out well, however.

Make sure you honestly ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you really have the time to create great advertisements?
  • Do you know where your audience spends time, or would you have to do a lot of research?
  • Is it worth your time to create ads when you could be doing something else?
  • Do you have employees that have expertise in creating ads? Do they have time?

Most of the time, when you evaluate your advertising efforts with these questions, you’ll discover that it doesn’t make sense to DIY. The amount of time, money, and energy it takes to master advertising is more than you have to give as a small business owner. It’s better to hire experts and focus your time on the business you do best — your own!

Experts can do more in less time, and you’ll get better results as well. That means you’ll get more customers and have more work to do serving them — but you’ll get the increased income as well. 

Don’t spend unnecessary money and time trying to do it yourself. You might end up making costly mistakes, and you won’t get the excellent results that experts will bring you. You’ll save more by hiring experts!

Take Advantage of Advertising

Advertising is expensive over time, but if you’re combining it with long-term marketing approaches like SEO, it’s a good way to get immediate customers. If you want the best possible results, be sure to partner with the best Ottawa digital marketing services. 

This article helps you understand the benefits of advertising for your small business. Lay the foundation with a great website and strong online presence, and then create excellent ads for the platforms your audience prefers.