What Do I Need To Know Before Moving To UK From The USA?

What Do I Need To Know Before Moving To UK From The USA?

If you’ve ever nursed the ambition of traveling to the UK and it’s pretty unclear how to go about it, don’t worry. We will guide you on making your dream come true; moving to the UK is a big deal.  

The UK is a dreamland one would wish to go to, especially London. London is a beautiful city everyone would love to visit. Not just being the capital of England, London is a commercial nerve center, playing host to many fortune companies

For those who aren’t just visiting, maybe you want to live and work in the UK, there are things you need to know to equip yourself with ample information to make your journey stress-free and avoid all the legal limitations and immigration laws. 

Moving from the US to the UK 


If you are moving to London from US you must understand that every country has its laws governing it. And every city has its ways of life that are unique to it. That’s why you can easily recognize an American amid Europeans and vice versa.  

Most people will prefer to move to London from the US for many good reasons. Apart from being the capital city of the United Kingdom, London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. London is a business hub. London boasts of one of the largest business conglomerates in the world. However, London is not cheap! 

If you are an American and want to move to the UK to work and live, then there are a few things you need to know before moving so as not to look odd or behave awkwardly. You want to avoid breaking the law in a country you just moved to. You could end up being deported. 


What Do You Need to Know Before Moving to the UK? 

Before you start making arrangements for moving to the United Kingdom, there are a few things you’re required to know. This article highlights some of the most vital things you need to know before moving to UK.  

1. The Legal Requirements in the UK 

Before moving to the UK from the US, you should know the legal requirements. What are the immigration requirements you have to go through to obtain a visa to the UK? Do you need a work permit? What type of visa do you need? What are the costs implications for navigating all these legal hurdles? These may take some weeks, so you need to get this sorted out as a prerequisite to going to the UK. 

2. Cost of Living in the UK 

When moving to London from the US, you should find out the cost of living in London and the UK in general. If you move with your family, you will likely incur some unexpected expenditure. So, you need to know the cost of living to determine whether you can afford it while in the UK. London enjoys lower transportation charges than many US cities. London is also famous for its academic institutions.  

3. Get Affordable Accommodation 

You know that accommodation is a necessity when moving to the UK, you should check out the various costs, types, and locations you would like to live in. Not just getting a place for you, but getting a suitable home is essential. If you are moving with your family, pets, or any extra ‘luggage,’ you need to make appropriate provisions for them.  

If you are financially stable, you can look for a choice area of town to live in, but if you are the type who’s on a budget, then go for the average kind of place to live. But keep in mind that rent is quite expensive in the UK, especially in London. The UK is generally safe, with a meager crime rate and effective police force. 

4. Healthcare Delivery System 

The UK is reputed to have one of the best healthcare delivery systems in the world. Healthcare is quite affordable. Health is wealth. Your and your family’s health should be a significant concern for you. You need to figure out any health insurance facility available to you. 

However, the UK has both public and private healthcare systems. The country National Healthcare System (NHS) is reputed to be one of the best in the world. Each of the healthcare systems has its benefits and downside. You need to fathom what your need is and go for it.  

5. Taxes and Banking Facilities 

Moving to the UK from the US is like starting a new life. There will likely be changes from the taxes you are used to in the US. You need to understand the local tax system and quickly adapt to it. Getting a bank will help you with the tax information you will need. You can open a bank account of your choice (if your US bank is not operating in the UK).  

As an American living in the UK, you will have some financial commitments to your home country and your resident country. A good understanding of this will help you scale the tax trap. 


There are also many other factors to consider before moving to the UK, but some of them can be overlooked because you can quickly adapt to them when you eventually settle down. Once you’ve settled the visa issues with the British High Commission, the coast is clear for you to board the next flight to the UK. If your destination in the UK is London, you are welcome.