Tips to Fix Orange Light Issue on Netgear Router

Tips to Fix Orange Light Issue on Netgear Router

Configuring a Netgear router makes it easier for users to access the internet without signal drop. But, like any other electronic device, Netgear router is also prone to various technical issues. And Netgear router orange light issue is most common among all.

Are you also getting the same issue? Don’t blow a fuse! It’s just a tiny issue face by every Netgear router user across the globe. In this article, we will provide you various troubleshooting tips that will resolve the issue in a fly.

Let’s dig a little deeper!

Reasons Behind the Issue

Prior to giving any troubleshooting tip a try to fix Netgear router orange light issue, let’s make you familiar with the reasons why you are getting it. Scroll down a little!

You haven’t performed Netgear router setup properly

Updated wrong firmware version on your Netgear router

Used incorrect routerlogin details to access the Netgear device settings page

The WiFi signals of your Netgear router are getting interrupted

Software of your Netgear router is damaged

Now that, you have come to know the reasons behind Netgear router orange light issue, let’s make you familiar with the fixes to resolve it.

Fixed: Netgear Router Orange LED Issue

Fix 1: Restart Your Netgear Router

Restarting the Netgear device is the first and foremost thing that you can try in order to get rid of various router-related issues.

Highlighted below are the steps that you can follow in order to restart your Netgear router:

Power off your Netgear router

Disconnect the router from your modem along with PC, laptop, mobile devices, gaming console, etc.

Wait for a couple of minutes.

Then, plug in your Netgear router back in.

Once you are done restarting your Netgear router, connect it to your modem and check whether you are able to fix the orange light issue or not.

Fix 2: Perform Router Setup Properly

As discussed earlier, if you haven’t your Netgear router properly, then also may come across with orange light issue. Therefore, access the setup page using the default routerlogin credentials, and follow the on-screen instructions.

On the off chance if you come across any issue while setting up Netgear router, feel free to let us know via comments.

Fix 3: Update Router Firmware

Have you ever noticed that how your smartphones, computers, or laptops stops functioning whenever an update is pending? Well, chances are that your Netgear router firmware is outdated and that is why it is giving you orange light issue. Therefore, visit the settings page of your device using the default Netgear router login details and follow the on-screen instructions. Besides, the firmware of your router can also be updated by visiting the official site of Netgear.

Still no luck? Well, in that case, the only remedy left for you to fix Netgear router orange light issue is to reset your device back to factory default values.

To reset Netgear router, go through the instructions highlighted below. We suggest you follow the router reset instructions in exact given order. Else, you will forever get stuck with many router-related issues:

Here’s how to factory reset Netgear router:

Step 1: First of all, it is important for you to disconnect your Netgear router from all the devices that are currently connected to it.

Step 2: Do not unplug Netgear router. Ensure that a steady power is being supplied to your Netgear router.

Step 3: Press the reset hole using a pin or a paper clip and hold it for a few seconds.

Step 4: Release the Netgear router reset hole.

Now that you have successfully reset Netgear router, reconfigure it again by visiting setup and following the on-screen instructions.

Our article on how to fix Netgear router orange light issue ends here. We hope that this article proved helpful to you? Please share your feedback with us. And, if you need more help, feel free to lay all your queries on us.