Glutathione Injection by Vesco Pharma

Glutathione Injection by Vesco Pharma

Vesco Pharma’s skin whitening products:

Vesco Pharmas Gluta C 1000 is a life changing product. It helps to fair your skin complexion, disappear wrinkles, acne scars and areas of depigmentation to nenew your skin. It is the best product available in the market, to make your skin and face beautiful and worthy. The ingredients are added to the injection after they are tested the well known laboratories and they are approved by FDA.

What vesco Pharma’s skin whitening products consist of?

It is a blend of liquid nano glutathione and ascorbic acid. Gluta C 1000 is taken intravenously or intramuscularly to brighten the skin and give you a young looking face.

What is melanin?

Our skin has specialized cells for the production of pigment called melanocytes. Melanocytes produce the pigment called melanin. Melanin is responsible for the skin tone. Greater the amount of melanin darker the skin tone, lesser the amount of melaning lighter the skin tone.

How does glutathione works?

Glutathione is a protein consisting three amino acids i.e cysteine, glutamate and glycine. Glutathione is naturally found in fruit, Vegetables and meat. The liver produce glutathione in small amounts. Glutathione inhibits the action of enzyme tyrosinase. The enzyme tyrosinase mediates the production of melanin. Glutathione present in vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 melanin pigment formation and detoxify the toxins which activate the enzyme tyrosinase.

How ascorbic acid works?

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is an essential dietary component. Vitamin C helps Glutathione to work properly. Vitamin C extracts present in the vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 naturally moisture the skin.

The ingredients contained in the vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 injections:

Each box consists of 10 bottles of 5 ml vesco pharma gluta C 1000 containing 1000mg of liquid nano glutathione formula and 1000mg of vitamin C.

What are the benefits of glutathione and Vitamin C?

Vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 acts as an antioxidant which detoxify the body and eliminate free radicals and free toxins. It nourishes the skin and face and whitens it. It reduces the size of pores and eliminate hyperpigmentation due to dark spots, acne spots, scars and aging.  Your skin becomes soft, smooth, healthy and gives you a youthful experience. The skin is also protected from sun and environmental changes.

When and why you should use vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000?

It is used for skin whitening, for uneven skin and hyperpigmentation. To treat acne, dark spots , freckles and scars.

What should be the dosage of vesco Pharma’s gluta C 1000?

It is injected intravenously through drip (IV) once or twice a week. It maybe injected intramuscularly.  It should be given for 2-18 months depending on the skin tone and body weight.


Vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 is the best product for your skin problems. It contains the natural ingredients specially glutathione, which not only whiten your skin but also removes scars, acne spots,  frekles. It also brightens the skin making it soft, smooth and attractive. It is suitable for all the skin types especially for the sensitive skin and donot cause irritations. After few days of usage you will observe significant changes in your skin, making your skin attractive, charming, beautiful and young. Vesco Pharma’s Gluta C 1000 has long lasting effects and suitable for application on human skin.