Why Leased Line Is Important These Days

Why Leased Line Is Important These Days

Do you find your internet connection slowing down at peak usage hours? Or struggling to download large files? We all know that connection issues take a long time to resolve. It is understood that connection issues come in the way of productivity of businesses. That is why companies are looking for a reliable and high-quality connectivity solution. A leased-line is becoming popular among businesses to get an uncontended connection with ultra-fast speed. Besides high speed and dedicated connection, a business leased line offers a number of benefits, which is why it is becoming important these days. 

Now let’s first see the difference between dedicated internet lines and traditional broadband to see the importance of leased lines UK.  

Difference Between Broadband And Leased Line 

In broadband, connection data travels from your business over a single cable to the local cabinet, from where it joins with other local cables and travels to the data exchange. It means that broadband is a contended connection with multiple users sharing the same connection. 

In contrast, data travels through a single fibre optic cable from your business premises to the exchange in the business leased line. No other cable is shared with the local users. It shows that it is a dedicated connection with symmetrical speed. 

Advantages Of Leased Line 

Now that you know how data travels through leased lines UK. You should understand its benefits so that it is easy for you to choose whether it is beneficial for your business or not. 

Dedicated Connection  

Does your internet speed slow down at the peak times of the day? With traditional broadband, this issue occurs because you are using a connection that is shared between multiple local users. A leased line connection can help you by providing a connection solely reserved for your business. As a result, you will receive a guaranteed speed, and your connection will not slow even at peak usage hours. 

Symmetrical Speed     

Have you noticed that the download is much faster than the upload speed in a traditional broadband connection? It works well for those who use the internet for video streaming, scrolling social media or consuming general content. But for businesses, upload speed is equally important as download speed. There are many processes in which you need a fast upload speed, such as sharing large files with clients, sharing resources with team members and cloud-based payment systems. According to your business requirement, you can get a speed up to 10 Gbps. 

You can get symmetrical upload and download speeds with a dedicated internet line. It means they both are ultra-fast all the time and help you in increasing your business productivity. 


A dedicated internet line is a connection that is rented from an internet service provider (ISP). It creates a strong relationship between the ISP and businesses using their services. Typically, it provides you with better customer helplines and faster repair times. As a result, there is less downtime, and you can focus on essential aspects of your business. 

From these benefits, you can understand why the fibre optic leased line is important these days. However, you must keep in mind that it is a costly connection compared to traditional broadband. But when it comes to benefits, you can see that it is worth spending money on it. Before choosing a dedicated internet line, you must consider your business connectivity requirements so that you can choose the right connection. Businesses that select fibre leased lines as their connectivity solution put themselves ahead of the competition.