Best to know before kicking your Amazon Wholesale Business

Best to know before kicking your Amazon Wholesale Business

If you are going to start your own Amazon wholesale business, or need to decide whether to go for Amazon wholesale or not, then do read the following aspects of having a wholesale business on Amazon. 

Deciding with Fulfillment Method– First thing you should decide and think of is the fulfillment method you would be having once you are live with your Amazon product listing. Even this is a decision which you should take once you are decided on the wholesale model. There are two fulfillment options for you. 

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is one of the choices with which most of the new wholesalers go. The reason behind going with FBA is to minimize the risk of late delays of shipments, and shipment return cost. If you are running or managing a business and you want to go for fulfillment on your own, then this might be also a good decision. The model is known as Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). With FBM, you are responsible of the storage of your inventory, receiving orders, packing the shipment, and shipping to your customer. Delays in order processing, defects during shipping, and returns are totally dealt with by you in this case. 

FBM can cut down your costs of storage as you would be storing at your own store and the shipping cost may also differ but to have real-time experience, you should go for FBA for about six month period so that you would be able to know how things are getting on and how to deal with selling on Amazon. 

Benefits of Amazon FBA

All-time customer care service– One of the most edges which the wholesalers are having is the customer care service that Amazon offers to all of its FBA businesses. You don’t need to arrange or hire any virtual assistant who would be live 24 hours throughout the week to answer the quires of your customers. In this case, you are saving a handsome amount and cutting the costs. 

Storage of the inventory– Amazon has its own storage for inventory and has large customized storage rooms available to store inventory. If you are going with FBA, then Amazon will take care of your inventory and once the Amazon storage receives your inventory, it is safe and sound there.

Best shipping service– Amazon has its own courier service in all of the marketplaces. With FBA, Amazon will be picking the inventory against customer orders, packing with its prime packaging with the Amazon logo on it, and shipping it to the final destination of your customers. If there would be any delays in shipping, or customers’ claims return service, then Amazon courier service will get the shipment and process it. 

Buy Box– FBA businesses have larger changes to get the Buy Box badge which is provided by Amazon to the number one seller in a specific category. 

In a nutshell, it’s better to for FBA instead of FMB if you are starting your business newly or willing to have an experience of what actually an Amazon business goes in real. 

This is what you should know about how to sell wholesale on Amazon

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