5 Aircon Tips

5 Aircon Tips

If you are looking for a good aircon guide, then this is the article for you. We have compiled 5 of the most helpful tips to help prolong your aircon life and make it more efficient!

1. Clean the filter

The aircon’s filter is usually located behind or underneath the grill in front of your unit, and can be removed by pulling it out to clean it. It should be cleaned every month, but you might want to decide when this should depend on certain factors like how dusty your environment is or perhaps even during peak times like before a big gathering. There are surely many ways to clean the filter but the easiest way is just to use a vacuum cleaner hose and suck out any dust that may have settled on it. Your owner’s manual would also recommend what kind of cloth material should be used for cleaning, so please refer to that as well if you’re unsure about how tough or soft it should be done.

2. Clean your unit outside

Whether you’re living in a condo or townhouse, chances are that the balcony is very accessible and would be perfect to clean the aircon there before bringing it back inside. This way, you will definitely avoid getting dirt all over your flooring on your doorstep and also cleaning it will be much easier as the appliance itself is on wheels so it’s more manageable.

3. Use a portable dehumidifier

This device has been gaining popularity among homeowners nowadays and works perfectly during those humid days when moisture collected in the room just makes us feel more uncomfortable plus those days after we shower when we can still feel some dampness around us. A portable dehumidifier absorbs excess humidity by simply plugging into any electrical outlet and the collected water will be emptied periodically so it doesn’t overflow. It would be best to place it near the aircon unit so that when the cold air circulates, it will also help reduce moisture levels.

4. Get a good aircon cover to protect it.

This is a great way to keep your unit clean and protected from dust, dirt, and other elements when not in use. Not only does this make maintenance easier but you’re also extending your machine’s life because it won’t have to work as hard when constantly trying to adjust to changes in temperature and environment.

5. Invest in a UV air purifier

This might seem like a pricey option but if you’re an allergy sufferer or have asthma, then this would be perfect to help remove any allergens in the air. While it does have other benefits, this unit helps clean dust and harmful pollutants effectively with its ultraviolet light, leaving you with a healthier environment overall especially for those who suffer from respiratory conditions.If you are looking for a good aircon company like 7days aircon that can help you with all of your air-conditioning needs, please visit our website at https://www.airconservicing.org/.