Purchase Easyfit to Huawei |Fast & flexible

Purchase Easyfit to Huawei |Fast & flexible

Easyfit products use wireless protocols, such as EnOcean, Bluetooth, and Zigbee, to enable intelligent, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Patients no longer experience unstable vision from soft topic contact lenses. 

Soft landings are possible with EasyFit, thanks to its design. Your patients can maintain their sharp image without difficulty, thanks to its inertia. It is not the softness of the lenses that make them comfortable.

The large size and the fact that they do not move to make them more comfortable. The easyfit lens is large and doesn’t move anywhere across the cornea like a soft lens. Wearers of easyfit find their vision to be exceptionally sharp and crisp while at the same time seeing their comfort comparable to that of a soft lens. 

Sensors and switches harvest energy from their surroundings and manage it efficiently.


No wires

When you use wireless technology solutions, you can design your room layout however you choose.

No limits

A wireless solution and maintenance-free solution provide an incredibly flexible system that can be expanded at any time.

Energy savings

The Easyfit line of products helps reduce energy consumption while meeting the requirements of the building code.

Cost savings

Wireless and self-powered solutions are less expensive to install, maintain, and renovate.

Fast & flexible installation

Maintenance-free and wireless solutions ensure fast installation and easy configuration.

Easyfit for Bluetooth systems

Simple and complex lighting effects and scenes can be created with the help of self-powered and wireless Easyfit products with Near Field Communication (NFC).

Self-powered wireless sensors and switches using Bluetooth Low Energy and easily configured via NFC.

Easyfit Multisensor – EMSIB

Based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless standard, EMSIB allows for energy harvesting wireless sensors.

The sensors are typically mounted on walls or equipment to measure environmental conditions, exposure to light, acceleration, and orientation.

It easily fits Zigbee systems.

The Easyfit product line comprises universal switches and sensors for Zigbee Green Power systems communicating via the 2.4 GHz Zigbee Green Power (ZGP) standards.

Easyfit Single

Utilizing energy harvesting technology, the Single / Double Rocker Wall Switch communicates wirelessly with other devices using the ZigBee Green Power (ZGP) standard. They can be used to control electric loads such as lighting, temperature, and miscellaneous loads.

There are unique advantages to using Easyfit wireless switches and sensors.

No batteries

In the Easyfit wireless switch, kinetic energy is used. Because no batteries are required, you can switch without batteries.

Easily positioned anywhere

Switches and sensors from Easyfit can be placed anywhere – on furniture, walls, and even tables.

Flexible control

Easyfit switches and luminaires in a network or scene can be controlled individually, in groups, or as a whole.


Switches usually control lights because they are intuitive and easy to use. Easyfit buttons add even more functionality.