How the Fox Shock Performance Series Benefit Your Truck

How the Fox Shock Performance Series Benefit Your Truck

Lift kits, step bars, bigger tires, and cold-air intakes are some of the most popular mods for trucks because they increase each vehicle’s performance and appearance. Upgrading your shock absorber game is less flashy than installing coil-over kits, but it’s crucial for increasing your truck’s speed and efficiency. If you’re deciding which mod to try next, check out a new set of Fox shocks to get these six benefits.

1. Better Off-Roading Capabilities

If you want to take your truck off the highway and onto a nearby trail or backroad, the rougher terrain will put too much strain on a regular suspension system. Thankfully, Fox prides itself on offering shock absorbers that help you create a high-quality off road suspension system. With new shocks, it’s easier for you to maintain control over your steering even when obstacles in the road threaten to send you off-course.

2. Decreased Chances of Tipping and Sliding

Good shock absorbers such as Bilstein 5100 shocks ensure that your tires press firmly into the road as they rotate, leading to greater friction. The more friction your tires have, the less likely they are to slip off the road or make you veer into a different lane. Also, a stronger grip means it’s easier to keep your truck steady when you’re turning, particularly if the path is at an incline.

3. Less Frequent Tire Repairs

With old or low-quality shocks, your tires get worn out at uneven rates. As a result, some parts of your tires may be completely spent while others are just starting to show signs of wear. Save money on tire replacements and alignments by using a new set of Fox shock absorbers to evenly distribute your truck’s weight.

4. Smoother Rides on All Terrain Types

A new set of shocks ensures that you don’t feel every rock and pothole as you drive on rough terrain. Your Fox shock absorbers distribute these uncomfortable jolts throughout your vehicle, leading to a more comfortable time in the cab for your and your passengers. 

5. Greater Stability in the Wind

When your shocks are worn out, it’s easy for high winds to send you shifting from lane to lane, especially if you’re off-roading. Upgrading to Fox shock absorbers allows you to drive with peace of mind even when the wind picks up.

6. More Confidence in Your Other Mods

Upgrading one part of your truck without upgrading the others is a recipe for disaster, particularly if you’re still relying on original parts. Whether you’re eyeing a new set of wheels, a lift kit, or an enhanced exhaust system, almost every mod changes your ride’s stability. Pairing these upgrades with Fox shocks allows you to maximize the benefits you get from your other mods while also preserving your car’s long-term efficiency.

Access these six benefits and get your truck ready to roll in all kinds of weather by investing in a new set of Fox performance series shock absorbers.

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