Best Method to add Free Ringtones to Your iPhone?

Best Method to add Free Ringtones to Your iPhone?

iPhone is in use for many years but there is no easy way to download a custom ringtone in your library—but it is possible. If you don’t want to use the ringtones already present in your iPhone or don’t want to buy them, then create your own free ringtones at kostenlose klingeltöne.

This process changed a bit with Free Ringtones 12.7. The “Tones” independently you could previously use with your iPhone has been removed, but you can still download ringtones to your phone manually. All ringtones you download from Free Ringtones will be found in C.

Step One: Get Free Ringtones

Modern iPhone users usually don’t need to download any other ringtones but using custom ringtones still requires it.

On a Windows PC, you’ll need to install Free Ringtones from Apple. On a Mac, Free Ringtones is already installed and ready to go. This process will work on either a Windows PC or Mac.

The instructions in this article still work if you’re using on Free Ringtones Windows or if you have an older version of macOS that still has Free Ringtones.

Step Two: Choose a Sound File

Of course, you need to have an audio or video clip to convert and use it as a ringtone. Everyone has an idea of what they want to use as a ringtone. In case you don’t have any idea then go to google and find something you like. You can use any audio or video file.

The ringtone file you choose must be of 40 secs or less. Free Ringtones will refuse to use ringtones longer than 40 secs to your iPhone.

If you like a file whose duration is more than 40 secs, then you can use an audio editor to cut the part of the file you like. Any audio editor can be used. We actually recommend a simple tool that is for editing sound files. Go to the website and click the open button and choose the file you want to edit. You can also choose video files to extract audio from them.

Now select the part of the audio or video file you want to use and press the Cut button.

And then you can download the audio clip to your PC. This is the file you’ll need to import into Free Ringtones.

Step Three: Convert the MP3 to AAC

Your file will be in MP3 format after downloading. You have to convert it into an AAC file to use as a ringtone (you can skip this part if you already have an AAC format).

First, add the sound file to Free Ringtones and locate it in your library. You can directly do this by copy-pasting or dragging and dropping the file into the Free Ringtones library. Check the file in library > SONGS for the file afterward.

Select the sound file in Free Ringtones and click File > Convert > Create AAC Version.

Step Four: Rename Your AAC File

You will finally get two files of the audio in the Free Ringtones library: The New AAC file and the original MP3 file.

To keep a record of which is which, enable the “Kind” column by right click on the heading of the file source.

The new Kind column will show you which file is which. The “MPEG audio file” is the ORIGINAL MP3, while the “AAC audio file” is your NEW AAC file. You can remove the MPEG file with a right-click on it from the Free Ringtones library.

You will have your file as AAC audio file. However, you need to change its file extension so Free Ringtones will recognize it as a ringtone file.

First, drag and drop the AAC file from the Free Ringtones library to your Desktop or any other folder on your PC or Mac.

Now you will have the AAC audio file with the .m4a extension. But you have to change the extension to .m4r. For example, a file namely song.m4a should be changed into song.m4r.

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Step Five: Transfer the audio Ringtone File to Your Phone

Now connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac with USB-to-Lightning Cable, the same cable that is used to charge the iPhone.

After unlocking your iPhone tap the Trust button if you have not connected your iPhone to Free Ringtones on that PC or Mac. You have to enter the PIN.

In Free Ringtones, click the device icon that looks on the left of “Library” on the navigation bar.In the left sidebar, click the “Tones” section under On My Device.

Drag and drop the .m4r ringtone files from its folder to the Tones section in Free Ringtones.

Update: use copy and paste if drag and drop don’t work. Select the ringtone file and press Ctrl+C, or right-click it and select the copy. Next, click inside the Tones list inside Free Ringtones and press Ctrl+V to paste it.

Free Ringtones will sync the ringtones to your mobile phone and it will immediately appear under Tones here.

Step Six: Choose the Ringtone

You can now grab your iPhone and go to the Settings > Sounds & Haptics >> Ringtone, and choose a custom ringtone. All custom ringtones will appear at top of the list here.

You can also choose specific ringtones for specific contacts, so you will know who’s calling just by the sound.

To remove ringtones, reconnect your phone to Free Ringtones and head back to the On My Device > Tones section. Right-click a tone and select “Delete from Library” to delete it from your device or phone.

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