Basics Things Hotels Can Do to Attract Guests

Basics Things Hotels Can Do to Attract Guests

Everyone can see clearly that the hospitality industry is booming. You can notice that hotels are evolving, as per people’s demands. Each owner prefers to introduce something unique in terms of amenities and design.

So, if you are running a hotel business, it is essential to make changes accordingly. Those who are planning to stick with the old methods will surely burn a hole in their pocket.

Surely, now you will be wondering what to do in order to run the h & s hotel Lahore with success. There are certain ways that can help you, they are as followed:

Offer Personalization

The only way to get positive feedback from the guests is through amazing customer service. Guests like the fact that hotels offer them something extra and try to connect with them on a personal level.

Now the hotel management can use the booking details to build a good relationship with the guests. Before the guest arrives at the hotel, management must reach them via email sending them pre-arrival mail. In the mail, you can tell the guests about the amenities they will be able to enjoy like transportation or so on.

Moreover, the hotel staff can call the guests again and again in order to make sure they are fine during the visit. This is an activity that didn’t take much time of yours. Moreover, you are able to know the guests. Once hotel management is able to build a good relationship with the guests, they don’t get attracted to other hotels.

Provide Complimentary Wi-Fi

If you are thinking that Wi-Fi isn’t important for the hotel business then you are highly mistaken. Wi-Fi is the key to making the guest experience better. Moreover, because of Wi-Fi availability your housekeeping staff can be notified when guests check out. According to the survey, more than 50% of people get online within a few minutes, once they check-in at the hotel.

If you are already offering complimentary Wi-Fi, just make sure that it is working fine. There are times when the Wi-Fi is available but the connection is worse. The guests won’t be able to connect, which is a big turn-off. In such a situation, the guest might stay in the hotel but the chances they won’t return in the future or suggest your hotel to anyone are high. 

Excellent Room Service

The hotels with restaurants mainly offer room services. However, as the technology is getting advanced, even if you don’t have a restaurant in the hotel, providing a hotel service isn’t an issue at all. It might take a bit more effort than usual but will surely add great value to the business.

The availability of companies like FoodPanda can definitely open multiple opportunities for hoteliers. You can set a simple menu for the guests and have it delivered for them whenever required.

However, if you aren’t comfortable connecting with such firms, don’t worry as you can directly order the food from restaurants. Just make sure you don’t lie with the guests and tell them where the food is coming from.

Pick & Drop Service

There are several ways to show guests they are special among them one is by offering pick and drop off service.

The big hotels mainly have their own transport service for airport transfer. However, small hotels don’t have this service to offer. So. If you are a small hotel, make sure this will not become a deal-breaker for you. You can do something for the guests by partnering with some other firm.

These days many hotels are realizing how essential the transport service is, so they partner with the firms that benefit not only them but their business too.

Free Room Update

The number of hotels is increasing as per demand. So, the competition is getting pretty tough for everyone. To stay ahead of others, hotel owners offer discounts. Now if you are planning to do the same, it might not work for you.

So, why not look for other ways. like, provide free upgrades to the guests when they didn’t expect it all. Like when someone is staying at the hotel for 3 nights or more, offer them a free upgrade. It is a way to show them you are happy to have them as your guest.

The final words for the hotel business owners are that it is not hard to get the attention of the guests. All they need to do is take the right steps whenever required. Do as much you can to provide ease to the customers.