Latest Netgear Firmware Update Issue: Netgear Orbi 963

Latest Netgear Firmware Update Issue: Netgear Orbi 963

Today, we in this article will going to take a closer look at Netgear Orbi 963 latest firmware update version. We are also going to cover all the latest fixes that you will enjoy after you upgrade the firmware of your Orbi device. Let us hit the nail on the head.

Fix 1: Orbi 960 Connectivity Issue with5GHz.

You are not required to alter the frequency level at 5GHz while making your Apple HomeKit access an Orbi 960 mesh system. Before that, you need to visit Netgear Orbi 963 setup web-based page and disable the 5GHz temporarily and configure your Apple HomeKit at 2.5GHz. To change the bandwidth click on Advanced Tab >>> Advanced Settings >>> Wireless Settings.

Fix #2: Under Stress Orbi 960 Router Reboots and Crash.

The major factors behind the reset Orbi 960 router are overheating and outdated firmware version. With the improved firmware version, Orbi 960 router saves power which results in less loss of heat energy. It will also remove the previous bugs and improve the outputs delivered by your Orbi 960.

Fix #3: Continuous WiFi disconnection and IOT Issue.

You are not alone who is facing the WiFi connectivity issue. This is quite annoying the time you are watching an online movie, are video conferencing, playing a multiplayer game, etc. Heavy traffic and data packet transfer can leads to WiFi disconnection. So cut off the devices which are not in use, so you can utilize proper Internet. In other words, do not let any unnecessary device access the network of your Orbi.

Versatile Device

The Orbi 960 has 4 Ethernet ports which could be connected through cable with your gaming console, smart television, and a lot more. Even though there are more devices are accessing your Orbi 960 WiFi network concurrently.

The 960 will be able to maintain its rate thanks to the tri-band technology compared to other dual-band devices. You can create a safer environment for your for children with the Circle Smart Parental Controls.

A family-friendly concept to handle online content and time on any connected device. Visit Orbi login com and enable the feature. Its compatibility with different Internet Service Providers like Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, and others will be also a big plus.

High-Economic Benefits

960 could replace both the router and modem, which means you may save money and lower the clutter, all while getting enhanced WiFi connection.

If you’re thinking of replacing your existing WiFi modem and router device, then you might be considering 960.

Orbi 960 Features Summary

  • Pin reset Orbi 960 button.
  • Automatic updates
  • Voice support via Alexa and Google.
  • Orbi 960 App anywhere management.
  • Lightning speed WiFi upto 2200Mbps.
  • FastLane3 Technology.
  • Blankets 2k sq. ft. area with reliable WiFi speeds
  • Works with cable Internet providers XFINITY from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox & more.

We hope that our article on Netgear Orbi 963 will help you out well. Now, you can tweak more settings of the router via the Orbi Status page or router setup wizard to customize your digital experience. Share your valuable feedback and suggestions with us through comments. Thanks for reading!