Don’t Just Build An App, Build A Mobile Business

Don’t Just Build An App, Build A Mobile Business

With the rise of Web 3.0 and internet usage at an all-time high, why not add an extra skill to your resume and boost your business or start-up by developing mobile apps that could help generate more interest and money for your business?

Mobile App Development has become the new rage these last couple of years, and while mobile gaming might be fun, it has become clear mobile apps are essential for your business to succeed with the increase in online shopping since 2019.

So why not get yourself confident enough to create an app for business?

Do You Have the Skills for Mobile App Development?

With loads of websites offering ‘free templates’ to help you build an App, creating an app that can take your business to where you need it to be will take a bit more knowledge on the subject. Why not try a few short courses on ‘Mobile App Development’ so long? Next time you struggle to find something to do, why not look at “Choose an award-winning app builder” instead?

You’ve Got The POWER!

Now that you have successfully upskilled yourself (And well done for doing so!), we can finally take a look at what is needed for your business and how we can get you from a blank slate to complete a mobile app development project you can be proud of AND make some extra revenue for your business.

Where to Start?

It all starts with an idea, but let’s be honest, we don’t all have the time or effort to take hours out of the day to think of designs, and if you do well, you can skip right ahead. Here we want to find an easy way to find simple mobile app templates that allow you to change and adjust them so you can get what you need out of it without making the user’s experience less. We found a few great websites to help you with this one offering help to build your app.

Now That I Have a Business App, What Do I Do?

So, you went through the process of learning a new skill and creating an APP for your business, but what now? Now, it’s time to see how we can monetize your app to bring in that extra revenue alongside your business income. We can do this in a few ways, one easy way is to allow in-app advertising, and while this may bring a negative experience to the user, it will bring a positive experience to your bank account, but I would be weary of displaying too many adverts on your mobile app as this may lead to a loss of clientele.

Another less aggressive approach is to have affiliate links in your app that might link off to companies you work closely with or sectors of business that are in line with what your clients might also need. After you have managed to grow your clientele and/or App to a large enough viewer base, you could start approaching companies that might be interested in doing some sponsorships on your app, which would ideally make you a very happy person in the long run.

Business Apps are the Future

Now that your Mobile App Development is complete, you have turned your offline business into a cash-generating Business APP. Let’s look at some reasons to make you feel like you made the right choice.

First, up to 90% of our time on mobile phones is spent on Apps. If we take the world’s average time spent on a phone per day, that leaves us with almost 3 hours a day browsing and purchasing items.

If you can tap into the role of mobile apps and use that to your advantage with your new Business App by targeting the right group for your products, there is no reason we shouldn’t be seeing an increase in sales by the end of 2023.