Indian Visa from Austria

Indian Visa from Austria

All of us, including Austrian Citizens, dislike going to an embassy to get a visa. We wouldn’t want to waste much of our time and effort standing in line and waiting for our turn to complete the process. It may also require us to travel quite a bit depending on your country of origin.

But good news for you! You don’t have to worry about it if you’re planning to Indian Visa from Austria has a better solution. You can apply for an India e-visa, which is the electronic version of going to an embassy.

Witht this option you may apply whenever you want to, even outside business hours, for as long as you have a computer or a smart phone with internet connection. This means that you can apply in the comfort of your own home. Do you want to learn more about this process? Then keep reading this article

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make sure that I’m able to apply for an Indian e-Visa?

Before you can apply, you’d need to check your eligibility first, which will only take a few seconds. Austrian Citizens just need to access iVisa’s website, click on the Visa Checker in the upper right corner, and you will know in seconds whether or not you qualify for an electronic visa.

What is an India e-Visa for Austrian?

The Indian Tourist e-Visa is an authorized document that the Government from this country launched to allow some citizens to enter this country legally.

Do I need a Visa if I’m from Austria?

Yes, if you’re from Austria yo do need a visa to enter India, and that’s why we recommend you to apply for an electronic one.

What is required for Austrian Citizens?

iVisa will do most of the work for you, but you need to provide them a few things to get started. Below you will find a list of everything you need to provide:

  • Valid passport – most Indian Visa from Belgium won’t have difficulty a passport. If you already have one, make sure that it is not expired.
  • Digital photo of your self – ensure that the photo is recent. You should not make face gestures in it, and the background should be white. Just scan it and be ready to upload it.
  • passport scan of the information page
  • Means of payment – iVisa accepts multiple methods of payment. You can use a credit or a debit card, and if you have an account on Paypal, you can use that too.
  • Business card copy and invitation letter – this requirement applies to people who want to go to India on business and apply for an India business evisa.
  • Letter from the hospital in India – this is valid for people who apply for a medical visa.

Some documents vary according to the type of visa you want, just remember that the following are the most important:

  • Applicant Photo
  • Passport Personal Details Scan
  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)

Are there more than one type of Indian e-Visa?

Yes, there are. You can also choose to apply for a Business e-Visa or a Medical e-Visa.

How long can Austrian citizens stay in India?

Only for 90 days Per Entry when choosing a Tourist e-Visa.

What about the prices?

The amount of your visa depends on two things: visa type and processing time. iVisa provides three types of visas: for tourism, business, and medical. As for processing time, you have three options. We will show you the total amount to pay for a Tourist Visa:

  • Standard processing – 7 days. Most Austrian Citizens go for standard options because it cost less. The price is just USD $89.49.
  • Rush processing – 5 days. The cost goes a bit higher with this options than with the previous one. You will be charged USD $138.99.
  • Super Rush processing time – 3 days. As you can expect, the price goes even higher. This option will cost you USD $181.99.

How long does it take to apply?

As you can see, the whole thing is super simple. It should take you about 20 minutes to be done with the application process. Thousands of people have done so and are more than satisfied with the results.

How is the application form?

Most Austrian Citizens may not be happy about forms, mainly because it is difficult to understand, but this does not apply to iVisa’s application form. It is divided into three easy steps, and in case you need any help, the company has an excellent support service that is ready to take your call day and night.

  1. In the first step, you’ll need to provide your general information. That should take only about 5 minutes of your time. Here, you must also select the processing time and visa type. Remember that both choices will affect the cost of your visa, so make sure of your selection.
  2. The second step will ask Austrian Citizens to take another look at what you wrote in step one and make the payment. It is highly recommended that you check the accuracy of your provided information. This is because corrections are not possible after your application is processed.
  3. The final step consists of a set of personal questions and photo upload. You need to upload additional documents. It is case to case basis, so do not expect to have the same requirements as the next person. After you are done with all three steps, you hit the submit button and wait. It does not get any easier than that.