Essential oils

Essential oils are aromatic oils extracted from the aromatic leaves of plants. They can be used for many purposes, especially for medical purposes. These oils are highly in demand and this demand is increasing day by day. People from all around the world would prefer to have essential oils in the best form and freshest form possible. For this purpose, you need to think of remedies for the safest transit of your objects to your customers and the best solution is in the form of custom essential oil boxes.

Custom Essential Oil Boxes

Custom essential oil boxes are, as mentioned before, the best and cheapest way to assure the safest transit of your product to any part of the world or your country. The safe transit problem is solved but of course, none of your team members nor you yourself can travel the whole world along with each and every single piece of your company/brand’s product for the perfect promotion or marketing of your product. In the old times, people even did that but today is the 21st century and you cannot carry on with the same old techniques so, we introduce the roles of the custom essential oil boxes here. These incredible inventions bring the ultimate grace you cannot pack with your product with in any other way possible.

Instant promotion

Instant promotion of the product is never possible if we look throughout the whole channel of the work ribbon but the only point/ situation where this is possible and this even happens is the point of purchase of the product. The custom essential oil boxes bring out the ultimate best of the product to the attention of the world through the design and colors, laminations and fonts, etc. Next, we are going to see a few of the solid reasons to use custom essential oil boxes for an instant promotion of your product.


Attraction is one of the main and basic principles of the marketing strategy so your product should be a treat to the eyes, which can be through their custom essential oil boxes. You can work on this part and the feature of the box by looking for good lamination, color, text, fonts, and printing. You can choose the type of lamination mainly according to your own but secondarily you should also keep in your mind that the type of your lamination should actually be coherent with the type and niche of your product. For example, a glossy coating would look good on a makeup product’s box but on a vape box matte would rather look better.

Next, keep a keen eye on the choices of colors for your brand because colors actually mean something. Then, fonts and texts come. This part is more about what’s precise enough to be put as the product detail. Product detail should be comprehensive, and understandable but extremely precise too to be put on the box for better knowledge of the customers about the product. Other than this part, the font work comes in the tagline and brand name. You can write your brand in embossed or debossed fonts and then double up the race of the game by foiling on the fonts. The foiling can be either gold or silver. These steps will cover the most décor of your custom essential oil boxes.

Sneak peek

Sneak peek here refers to the facility of the window pane in the custom essential oil boxes. Window panes of any size or shape can be inserted in your box design and that can provide a quick and little view of the product inside the box. This can also be beneficial in the sense that it can create anticipation in the audience.

Box design

Box design also matters in the first-sight marketing process. When a customer sees the custom essential oil boxes they grab them and look at them thoroughly to have a rough estimate of whether the product is worth buying or not. At that moment of examination, you won’t be there to describe the greatness of your product, but your product should be able to speak for itself and one of the features that speak out loud is the box design. The box designs which are normal and most commonly used are the tuck-end boxes, sleeve and tray boxes, etc. you can change and elevate the game with any other design.

Box size

Box size has to completely and perfectly fit the product according to the need of the product. This helps in the proper and stable placement of the product which is very useful for the better transit of the item to the consumer end.


These four ways of making your essential oil boxes the perfect on-the-spot self-marketer are shared above. You can build up your own product/brand boxes and package them in the best way possible according to both your desire and your product’s needs.