What is PIM and how will it help you to change your life?  

What is PIM and how will it help you to change your life?  

What is PIM and how will it help you to change your life?  

If you are looking for a technical way of cleaning and centralizing your unstructured product data then preferring a Product Information Management (PIM) system would be the perfect solution. PIM helps business enterprises to achieve their growth and witness potential growth in a short time.   

This article elaborates on the PIM system and how it changes your business life in brief.   

What is a PIM?    

What is PIM?  This will be a million-dollar question among the modern business stakeholders involved in eCommerce activities.   

The Product Information Management (PIM) system is a tool that helps businesses to handle product information efficiently. The procedure of PIM involves data management, data processing, data enrichment, data sharing, data publishing in various channels, and so.   

Overall PIM system delivers enriched data that helps businesses to gain a competitive advantage and to deliver a consistent brand experience to their consumers. So, if you are yet to introduce PIM to your business it’s the right time to take initiative for Product Information Management Development.   

What PIM Offers To Your Business?    

By offering effective management of data, the PIM system supports businesses in many ways. Particularly, PIM plays a key role for marketers and eCommerce teams to improve their work efficiency. In addition, it eases the workload of data admin teams and sales teams by providing accurate high-quality data consistently.   

Having the right PIM solution will allow business enterprises to experience a 360-degree overview of the product information. Also, the centralized data storage location offered by the PIM system helps various business entities and departments to access high-quality data at any time easily.   

Apart from those, here are the lists of some key capabilities of a PIM system, take a look.   

Easy Integration with 3rd party application  

Easy to use  

Introduce Automation for doing repetitive tasks  

Offers customization and personalization options  

Support cross-border commerce  

Provides flexible product deployment options   

Business Benefits of PIM  

The ultimate goal of implementing a PIM system is to meet the business goals & objectives of an organization. The dedicated PIM system helps business enterprises in many ways including error elimination and improving customer experience.   

Apart from that, here are the lists of some key business benefits offered by a dedicated PIM system.   

Better Product Experience: PIM system always delivers high-quality accurate content consistently. This allows sales persons to utilize up-to-date accurate content for consumers. With the right information, consumers would aware of what they are going to purchase. It reduces product return and lay a strong foundation for a better product experience for the consumers.     

Increases Sales: With the support of a PIM system that delivers high-quality accurate content, marketers and sales team manages to create a more personalized and unique way of approaching the target audience. This brings more potential consumers to the brand and increases sales.   

Reduces Data Silos: PIM systems collect and store all product information in a centralized location. This enables businesses to unify all the information scattered in multiple systems together. Also, PIM inter-relates the product information together to remove the presence of data silos and act as a single source of truth. Because of that quality of data improves significantly.   

Brings Automation: Manual mode of data collection will be time-consuming and it cost a lot. Also, if your business deals with thousands of products then the manual process would be a daunting task. A PIM solution makes the data collection and organizing process easy through automation. This allows teams to spend more time on improving their work efficiency rather than spending a lot of time on manual data handling.   

Faster Time-to-Market: The high competition and rapid changes in the eCommerce market have enforced modern businesses to do innovative things. To beat the competition, businesses look at all possible ways to shorten their product’s life cycles to stay ahead of competitors. PIM solution makes this possible by managing product data much faster.   

Promotes Collaborations: PIM system allows workers to mingle with their co-workers to improve their work progress and work efficiency. This ensures project completion becomes much easier. Also, a proper collaboration between workers helps to develop a product with the right content at the right time.   

What Makes Product Information Management Solution 

 The Great?  

In today’s market, you can find numerous PIM solutions, and almost all of them contain a host of capabilities and unique features that will promote business to improve its efficiency.   

Among those here are some key and notable capabilities/features of PIM that make it a great tool for an eCommerce business.   

Centralized Data Management: A PIM system provides a centralized data repository where it stores data/product information in categories & hierarchies. This leads to better data management of both structured and unstructured data. The centralized data storage helps business enterprises to clean and enrich product information easily and quickly.   

Data Quality Control: A good PIM solution will improve the data quality through automation. Procedures like implementing validation rules on product attributes, workflows, product version control, data reports, and so will help to improve data quality. In addition, the role-based access and user-level rights features of PIM ensure data quality is not compromised even if multiple employees are accessing the data storage.   

Intuitive & User-friendly Interface: The PIM System comes with an easy user-interface system. This allows users to navigate the entire system easily and quickly. The learning curve of navigating the PIM system is short and it will eliminate the user resistance in no time.   

Workflow Management: With the right PIM system, managing and publishing thousands of products is much easier than the manual process. In addition, allows users to have control over the business workflow and make sure the data quality is above the par level before getting published. With effective workflow management, the business operation will become so easier than before and this will reduce the risk factors as well.   

Localization-ready: A good PIM system comes with efficient product data translation ability. So that marketing the products in the local language in the overseas market will become possible. This allows businesses to expand their business operations to the global market and gain a competitive advantage. In addition to localization, PIM supports personalization that helps marketers to build personalized marketing campaigns to attract target group of audience and build customer loyalty.   

Easy to Integrate: Having a good PIM system doesn’t mean that you won’t be in need of any other tool or software. However, PIM does provide an easy option to make use of other software and tools for your business growth through easy integration. The PIM system is highly flexible and easily integrates with any platform; this empowers business enterprises to merge any 3rd party tool for their business growth.    

Bottom Line   

Managing product information will be a tedious job once your business starts experiencing growth. Spending on product information development would be like an investment for your business growth. Having a good PIM system will deliver many fruitful benefits to an organization.   

At the same time, make sure you have chosen the right PIM solution that suits well for your business needs and requirements. Before stepping into the process of finding a PIM solution, make sure why & for what purpose you need a PIM solution for your business and find it accordingly.