Online web development project for final year 

Online web development project for final year 

If you learn the basic skill and you want to try out your hand at something different. Then web development projects are right for you to enhance your coding skill and add more passion for coding. The best way to push yourself to another level is to practice the skill. Learning coding won’t help to scale up. You need to make some extra efforts to get some projects done so that it enhances your skill and adds some brownie points to your skill. The best part of choosing any online assignment Or project is to pick the most challenging one that can check your current skill.

According to the CSS Founder – Website Design Company in Bangalore In order to master web designing wholesome, you need to have many other skills such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and WordPress, SEO, and Responsive design

Let’s try to understand what are different projects that help you scale your skill to another level. So we have a list of some of the most amazing projects that surely make you proud once you have done with them.

So let’s dive into this list 

Building Landing Page for a project 

Most online businesses are running on just a landing page. If you are running any business and know the value of every conversion then you must have an idea of how crucial a landing page is for any online project. 

These projects require basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

This is quite popular among web designers or web developers. This type of game only requires CSS, javascript, and HTML. This will surely enhance your coding skill and problem-solving skill.

Making a to-do list app

Website design company in Chennai say that, In order to make to-do lists apps, you must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once you are done with making this to-do list, users can add new items, easily remove the to-do list and also mark the to-do list as done. 

Product Listing 

This is the most common thing one can learn after learning the basics of web development. In every website or portfolio, it is a very basic component. It allows you to select various items in the list. Scroll down the list. Also, select the new item from the list. 

Building portfolio website 

Building a portfolio helps in various domains whether interacting with new clients or just establishing you as a brand. If you are any freelancer you need a portfolio site that enables you to showcase a glimpse of your work. The basic skill that is required in order to make these types of portfolio sites is HTML, and CSS. Once you have made the basic outline of a portfolio website then you can add various fields to make your portfolio look outstanding by using various boxes such as an address, phone no, email address, and various other elements. 

Another few things one can add to their web development project 

  • Building survey pages
  • Java-based Quiz projects
  • Login form
  • Temperature conversion
  • Simple calculator