Build a Career with an MBA in Business Analytics

Build a Career with an MBA in Business Analytics

Master of Business Administration(MBA) in business analytics is one of the most relevant concentrations available today since it can be used in various fields, such as manufacturing, finance, medicine, retail, and much more. Data is a core component of the modern business landscape. The vast amount of data available to businesses is prospective goldmines. When structured and analysed, these data facilitate efficient operations, competitive performance, and data-driven business decision-making, leading to growth. 

If solving business problems and implementing data-driven strategies interests you, an MBA in business analytics can be the right choice for you to develop your knowledge and skills to work for data-focused businesses. Data literacy is the key if you aspire to become a part of the digital revolution companies are undergoing. Data is probably the most important asset in today’s business landscape, with nearly 94% of companies accepting that data and analytics are at the core of their business growth strategies. 

An MBA in business analytics can help you build a fulfilling career by providing you with the essential managerial skills required to move to leadership roles. Specialising in business analytics in an MBA is a great way to build a future-proof career and develop an understanding of how business can leverage big data. Understanding the curriculum of MBA business analytics can allow you to explore the efficiency of this programme in carving a futurist career.

MBA in Business Analytics: An Overview

An MBA in Business Analytics is a two-year post-graduate professional degree programme structurally divided into four-semester coursework. It is one of the most sought-after MBA specialisations out there. The soft and hard skills developed during the course can allow graduates to positively impact the future job environment and outcomes.

MBA in Business Analytics: Curriculum

The curriculum of an MBA in business analytics covers core business fundamentals while training the students to apprehend business from a data-driven perspective. Modules under core MBA topics include management, economics, human resources, leadership, finance, marketing, operations management, business communications, etc. 

These core topics are combined with data-focused modules like:

  • Data Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Mining for business analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Big data analytics
  • Predictive modeling- Powered by AWS, educate
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Marketing analysis

During the degree, you’ll have numerous opportunities to gain real-world experience. As an MBA in business analytics is a professional course that includes industrial visits, internship programmes, and practical business stimulators, allowing you to test your skills in a formal work environment.

Career progression with an MBA in Business Analytics

There are many opportunities for a graduate with an MBA in business analytics. An advanced degree can open the door to high-level management jobs across many blooming industries. Having expertise in data makes an individual a desirable candidate for the following positions:

  • Market research analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Management analyst/consultant
  • Data scientist

An MBA in Business Analytics can impact the career of a professional by increasing their earning potential and employment opportunities and allowing you to widen your skills and knowledge in the aspect most important in the future. If you want to graduate with a business degree while deepening your understanding of data and analytics, an MBA in business analytics can be your next logical step. So, apply for this programme now!