Why Conclusion Is Important In An Essay            

Why Conclusion Is Important In An Essay            

How would you feel if the movie you are watching or the book you are reading ended abruptly? Frustrated, right? Just as things start with an introduction, they have to end at the conclusion. No matter what you are writing, a research paper or an essay, you need to complete it with a conclusion. This is why students look for a reliable Top Essay Writing service provider to do their conclusion for them.

In fact, many readers might first read the conclusion to decide if your work is worth reading or not. If that is not the case, then they will read the conclusion at the end and that carries a lasting impression. For example, the infamous Game of Thrones series received loved from the viewers throughout its journey. However, the last season of the series was not up to the viewer’s expectations due to which the legacy of the show completely died. So let’s see what makes the conclusion of essays equally as important as anything else.

Answers The Reader’s Question

Whether the reader has found your essay interesting so far or not, there will be one question at the back of their head; should I care about this? Hence your job is to answer their question and give them reasons as to why they should care about your work. What was the whole point of making them read your essay, or what does your essay do for the reader? The essay reader might even wonder what was the topic of the essay they have just finished reading. If your conclusion is not appropriate, these questions will be left unanswered.

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Complete The Circle

When you make someone read your essay, you take them on a journey. Their journey isn’t complete until it covers a full circle. If you watch a good film, you would remember that the end kind of takes you back to where the film started. So, if you begin your essay with a scenario, you will be addressing it in your conclusion. Or if your essay started with a thesis statement, you can address it again for the reader to complete their journey. This will help you refer to the introduction of your essay and use the key concepts and words to make your essay look complete.

A Clear Summary

Remember how we were talking about reading and going through your conclusion first? This is because your conclusion plays an important role in giving the reader a summary of your entire essay. If the reader goes through your essay and gets confused about any concept, the conclusion can help them get the overall idea. This is why conclusions are so important in all kinds of essays. Plus, your conclusion can help the reader revise what your essay was about and make sense of it. Therefore, conclusions serve to give your reader a clear point of view of the points you made.

Provide Insight

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing an essay on a subjective or an objective topic. Actually, it does but it also doesn’t wait, let us explain to you how. If you are writing an essay or an objective topic, you will need to stay away from giving your point of view and opinions in between and stick to facts and logic. However, the conclusion will still give you a chance to state your insights and opinions regardless of how objective you kept the above sections. Contrarily in subjective essays, you can place your insights and opinions throughout. Hence the similarity is that in both kinds of essays, you get to give your insights into the conclusion.

Highlight Implications

When your reader is done reading your essay, they should not wonder what was the whole point of reading it in the first place. However, this is likely to be the case if your essay doesn’t have a conclusion. It’s like that example we have mentioned above; a movie that ends abruptly. After watching such a movie, you are bound to wonder why you even watched it or why it was made in the first place. Similarly, the conclusion helps to point out the implications and the usefulness of your essay to help the reader understand why reading your essay was important.

Restating the Thesis

This goes without saying that you need to restate your thesis statement no matter what you are writing. This rule applies to research papers as well as essays because the thesis statement is highly important. Thesis statements serve as an extension to your title in a way that they explain what your essay is about. Although it would feel odd to restate your thesis statement in the body paragraphs right after mentioning it in the above introduction. Hence the conclusion is the perfect opportunity to remind the reader of the thesis statement.

Leaving a Lasting Impression

 While writing an essay, you need to remember that every section plays an important role. The introduction sets the first impression, while the body explains the entire topic to the reader to make them familiar and then comes the conclusion. Your essay conclusion helps to build a lasting impression on the reader and even change their perspective. If you have heard the term ‘thought-provoking’, you must know that this is what the conclusion is supposed to do. The reader shouldn’t be glad that they finished reading your essay, but rather think about it even after they are done reading.


You must know why now why conclusions are so important in writing essays. If you are planning to focus on the introduction and the main body, you should spend an equal amount of effort on your essay conclusions. In case you hadn’t realized this before and are too short on time to write a good conclusion, don’t worry. We can connect you to the best Top Essay Writing Services UK through our essay help services to help you nail the conclusion while beating your deadline. So stop waiting and reach out to us right away to avail essay services.

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