How to schedule posts on Instagram?

How to schedule posts on Instagram?

This article explains how to schedule Instagram posts, as well as what’s required to do so and the benefits of doing so. On your computer or tablet, a web browser is recommended for using these instructions.

Schedule posts on Instagram

Previously, you had to manually publish your photos or videos to Instagram after using an Instagram scheduler app or service to automate the process. That’s thankfully no longer the case as Facebook has since made it possible to properly schedule Instagram posts without requiring any additional actions or obtrusive notifications. Here’s a free method for scheduling Instagram posts.

  1. Make sure you are logged into both your Facebook account and your Instagram account on the official Facebook website before opening your preferred web browser on your computer or tablet.

Important: You must have changed your Instagram account to either a Creator or Business Instagram account in order to schedule posts. It’s free, takes just a few seconds, and unlocks a number of extra features to switch to an Instagram Creator or Business account.

schedule Instagram Posts

2. Visit Facebook Creator Studio’s website.

3. At the very top of the screen, click the Instagram icon.

4. To connect your account, click.

Note: Even if you’ve already linked your Instagram account to your Facebook profile or page, you might still need to do so now.

5. Click OK.

6. You might be prompted to log into Instagram once more. If so, click Log In or Log In with Facebook if you typically use that option after entering your username and password.

7. All of the previous Instagram posts from your account should now be gathered in Facebook Creator Studio. To use the Instagram scheduler and automate a post, click Create Post.

8. To make a regular post that will show up on your Instagram profile, click Instagram feed.

9. To add images or videos to your Instagram post, click Add content.

Tip: If your photos are on your smartphone, you might want to try syncing your media to your computer using a cloud storage service like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. To send large files over the internet, you can also email them to yourself, use a messaging app, or use one of the many other options available.

10. To crop, delete, or tag other Instagram accounts with your uploaded media, use the three icons underneath it.

11. Enter your Instagram post’s description and hashtags in the field under Your Post.

12. If you want the Instagram image to also post to your Facebook page, scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box next to it.

13. To turn off post comments and enter an alt text, select Advanced settings.

Tip: When you include popular descriptive keywords in your alt text, you can increase the discovery of your post by Instagram’s algorithm, which is primarily used to assist visually impaired Instagram users. If you include well-known descriptive keywords in your alt text, the Instagram algorithm may be able to better discover your post. Alt text is typically used to assist visually impaired Instagram users.

14. The arrow next to “Publish” should be clicked.

Important: Don’t press “Publish.” Your content will be published right away if you do this. Your Instagram post will be automated.

15. In the Instagram scheduler, click Schedule and enter the preferred date and time.

16. Select Schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Third-Party App Required for Instagram Post Automation?

Previously, using an Instagram scheduler app or service was necessary for automating posts, but you still had to manually upload your pictures or videos to Instagram. That’s not the case anymore because Facebook has since made this feature available on Instagram.

Therefore, scheduling Instagram posts doesn’t require the use of a separate programme or service. Actually, the majority of social media scheduling tools don’t even support legitimate Instagram post automation.

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A social media application or service, on the other hand, can be helpful if you manage a lot of social media accounts because it enables you to post to several platforms simultaneously rather than having to make separate posts for each account and social network.

Can Instagram Stories be scheduled?

Sadly, automating Instagram Stories is impossible whether you’re using the official Instagram app, Facebook Creator Studio, or a third-party tool due to their instant nature. Like Twitter’s Fleets, Instagram Stories must be created and published instantly. Additionally, reposting an Instagram Story can’t be planned in advance.


Numerous advantages come from scheduling Instagram posts. Batching your post creation will allow you to upload from your computer without waiting. A well-planned schedule also makes it simpler to develop a consistent brand image and guarantee that your followers remain interested.

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