Fix Common Issues with Rockspace AC1200 Extender

Fix Common Issues with Rockspace AC1200 Extender

Are you facing issues with your Rockspace 1200 WiFi extender? If you nod in yes, then this piece of writing is going to help you out in a bigger way. Scroll down a little and grab the fixes to troubleshoot the most common issues with Rockspace AC1200 extender. Continue reading!

Fix: Rockspace AC1200 Extender Issues

Issue 1

Can’t Access Rockspace ac1200 Extender Login Page


If you are unable to access the Rockspace WiFi extender login page, then chances are the username and password used by you consists of typing errors. So, to fix the issue, cross-check the extender’s login credentials after entering it.

Another reason behind getting the issue can be use of an incorrect password. Chances are that you have changed the extender’s password after completing Rockspace AC1200 setup but still using the default one. If so, then you have got the reason why you are getting the issue, aren’t you?

Issue 2:

Re.rockspace.local Not Working


Another most common yet major issue that is faced by every fourth Rockspace extender user is that they face issues while accessing re.rockspace.local. If you are also standing in the same queue, then the only way to get out of the issue is to update the internet browser you are using to the latest version. The reason being, re.rockspace.local does not work on an outdated web browser version.

Apart from this, we recommend to wipe out the browsing history from your internet browser and close/ unpin all the tabs. For the time being, open only one tab that is for accessing re.rockspace.local.

Issue 3

Rockspace Extender Keeps Disconnecting


Getting Rockspace WiFi extender keeps disconnecting issue can occur due to the bad placement. To get rid of it, keep your AC1200 device in reach of your existing router.

Also, it is suggested – not to place your Rockspace WiFi extender inside a cabinet, near to corners, under a table, or closer to windows. Placing your Rockspace extender in the center-most area of your home, away from the reach of public WiFi can boost up its overall performance up to 20 percent.

Issue 4

Can’t Update Rockspace Extender Firmware


If you are getting issues while updating the firmware of your device, then chances are:

  • You have interrupted the firmware update process.
  • The device you are using to download and also install the firmware doesn’t have enough space.
  • Also, downloaded a wrong firmware file.
  • You are not connected to Rockspace WiFi.
  • Incorrect steps has been followed to download the firmware.

So, to deal with the issue:

  • Make some space on your device by deleting some of the unnecessary data, files, and media also.
  • Have patience. Do not interrupt the firmware update process.
  • Get access to Rockspace extender’s WiFi.
  • Follow the provided firmware update steps in exact given order.

Issue 5

Unable to Reset Rockspace Extender


Users need to reset their Rockspace WiFi extender back to factory default values due to following reasons:

  • Lost or forgotten their Rockspace WiFi extender password.
  • Not getting the most out of their extender’s WiFi.
  • Unable to perform or complete Rockspace AC1200 setup.
  • Can’t download the firmware version.
  • Rockspace Extender connected but no internet.
  • AC1200 device not working after firmware update.
  • Can’t access re.rockspace.local.

Whatever is forcing you to reset Rockspace WiFi extender, the steps provided below will surely give you success with the reset process.

  • Disconnect your Rockspace AC1200 WiFi extender and also router.

Note: Do not unplug the extender.

  • Locate the reset button on your Rockspace device.
  • Press it using any sharpened object.
  • Release the reset button and also let the power LED on your Rockspace device start blinking.

Now that you have reset your extender successfully, take the plunge to perform Rockspace AC1200 setup process again by navigating to the extender setup page using re.rockspace.local web address and following the on-screen instructions.

Issue 6

Can’t Perform Rockspace AC1200 Setup


If you can’t perform Rockspace AC1200 setup, then apply the tips provided below in order to get rid of the issue:

  • Make sure that your Rockspace AC1200 extender and router.
  • Don’t forget to access the extender’s WiFi.
  • Enter the correct web address i.e. re.rockspace.local and use the valid login credentials to reach the extender setup page.
  • Cross-check the web address and extender login credentials.
  • Do not enter re.rockspace.local in the search bar.
  • Follow the Rockspace AC1200 setup in exact given order.
  • Do not leave the configuration process in between.


Our article to fix common issues with Rockspace AC1200 extender ends here. Here’s to hope that you are now able to make the most out of your Rockspace device.

Wishing you a super happy experience with Rockspace WiFi range extender!

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