What is a 3D Configurator and why do you need it?

What is a 3D Configurator and why do you need it?

Product configuration

Product configuration is shaping its appearance, the aim of which is to obtain the final product – maximally personalized, tailored to the needs and preferences of the customer. With its help, it is possible not only to choose the parameters of the goods, such as color, texture, or size but also to present the way it works and to create an advanced 3D visualization that allows you to imagine the product before it is even made.

3D Configurator

It is a special program that allows the customer to personalize the product before a purchase, effectively complementing architectural visualizations and product range presentation. The 3D configurator uses modern technologies for generating and displaying 3D objects, known so far from computer games, ensuring high, realistic quality of mapping the shape of the solid and texture of the material. An attractive, professionally developed 3D configurator can support the purchasing process and significantly affect the profits from the sale of products.

Where does it work best?

3D configurators work best in online stores. Contrary to traditional product photography, they present the available assortment in a more credible way. They are also a more profitable form of product presentation. Once developed, the configurator is only subject to modifications, while in the case of product photography it is necessary to take new photos each time the store’s offer is extended. For this reason, it is recommended especially for those industries where traditional product photography is a challenge.

What devices and software does it work on?

Configurator as a desktop application

The 3D Configurator can function as an application launched directly from the operating system desktop, designed for desktop and laptop computers running under Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Configurator as an application for a website

The 3D configurator can be created as a web application, placed on a new website, or integrated with an existing website. Such an application works in all popular web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

Configurator as a mobile application

The 3D configurator fully supports the touch interface, thanks to which it is perfect as a dedicated mobile application for portable devices, operating on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms.

Key Benefits

Real 3D view

Presentation of complex products to show: cars, planes, ships, machines.
It presents products in a form that almost perfectly reflects their real appearance. A customer can change colors, lighting, perspective and all of this happens in real-time.

Interactive 3D catalog

All products with current versions and accessories are available in one application.
The 3D configurator allows you to create an interactive catalog of 3D products. Faster browsing, presentation of the object from all sides, configuration of additional options, and quick pricing.


Changing the language from the application level, for each market in which you operate.
It allows you to reach almost every customer worldwide.

Quick quote

After the 3D configuration, the customer receives a quote along with the necessary information. It gives a customer a real-time price response and it allows changes to be made as well.

Global operating

3D configurator as a mobile application for customers all over the world.
Providing customers with the 3D configurator application for mobile devices is an unlimited increase in the range of your activities.


Access to technical documentation and manuals from the program level.
In the 3D configurator, all technical documentation or instructions related to the product can be placed in it. Viewing and printing directly from the application.

Individual configuration

It gives the customer the ability to configure the product according to its needs.
The 3D configurator adjusts the product to individual customer requirements.

The 3D configurator is an excellent platform supporting the sales results of sales managers who can present all variants of product personalization in a friendly and straightforward way, remotely or directly at the customer’s place. The use of the program is not limited to a specific business or industry. Wherever a client has difficulties with the multiplicity of additional variables and equipment options, it can show a product that is complicated or has not been made yet. The use of the configurator is limited only by the human mind and imagination.