5 tips to ensure a successful RSA® Archer Deployment

5 tips to ensure a successful RSA® Archer Deployment

RSA® Archer assists organizations around the globe in enterprise governance, risk mitigation, and compliance. Business enterprises utilize the RSA Archer GRC (governance, risk, compliance) platform for risk management, protecting organizations’ as well as their customers’ information, addressing corporate compliance, and many other GRC related issues. However, all this is not possible without the successful deployment of RSA Archer. Many organizations struggle with RSA Archer deployment and are not able to utilize its features and benefits properly. A thorough understanding of the RSA Archer GRC platform is a must for any organization starting its journey into GRC and business-level management.


Listed below are five tips that organizations can use to ensure a successful RSA® Archer Deployment:

  • Streamline the organization’s requirements with RSA Archer – The first step in any IT deployment is to ensure that the organizational objectives align with the technology. This can be done when the organization has defined its business processes and understands its operations clearly. This will help them identify the issues and risk factors that are affecting the growth. RSA Archer deployment will be easier when the organization that is deploying it knows its functionalities and utilizes the platform to improve its shortcomings.
  • Involve all the stakeholders of the organization – Involving all the stakeholders of the organization comes next. The stakeholders need to understand the business requirements as well. Their involvement will become the key factor for a successful RSA Archer deployment.
  • Survey the customers and utilize their feedback – Customers of the organization provide valuable feedback that will help the organization identify the problem areas. Any positive changes that will occur after RSA Archer deployment will be welcomed by the customers.
  • Create a GRC team within the organization – The GRC team in the organization must have members of different departments. This will help the organization gain the trust of their employees and motivate them to collaborate with each other for the successful deployment of RSA Archer.
  • Use a defined reporting system – Reporting is essential in governance, risk, and compliance management. All the information collected is reported and documented on dashboards on the RSA Archer GRC platform. This promotes transparency and helps in efficient risk management.

The audit and risk management process becomes easier using the RSA Archer GRC platform. With its visual reports and dashboards sections, organizations will have transparency in their business processes. RSA Archer pushes organizations across multiple industrial sectors towards digital transformation. Thus, making the business processes adapt to the present needs of the global market.

Professionals keen on working with the RSA Archer platform must have the required information about its architecture. With proper RSA Archer Training through a reputed training provider and gaining knowledge of the GRC management features of RSA Archer, these professionals will become eligible to help their organizations in their digital transformation path. RSA Archer Certified professionals are proficient in building applications for their organization and can help in the successful RSA® Archer Deployment.