Yoga In Summer- Tips To Beat The Heat And Stay Fit

Yoga In Summer- Tips To Beat The Heat And Stay Fit

That sticky, sweaty summer is going on and everyone is suffering from the harsh climate, making our life worst. We can’t step out of our house between 9-5, which can easily make us sweaty, tan our skin and sick too. No worries, if it is summer season as it will come and go, but we should need to learn a few tips to beat the heat and stay healthy and happy during summers. This is a high time to cool off this summer with yoga and forget everything.

From asanas to breathing exercises and visualization meditation, here are some yoga practices for summer that will keep you fit this season. Today, we have an amazing range of yoga asanas which are great for your physical well-being, some are the best for losing weight fast, some will build up your stamina and endurance and some will help you to give a great peace and happiness. Actually, yoga is perfect as it helps you to calm down and targets your body, soul, and mind all the time, which leads to a great transformation of the body as well as the approaches. Yoga was about to be removed from today’s world, but now it is known by all and as well as people from all over the world are practising the same at home. There are many health benefits of yoga and especially in the summer months we must restore and rejuvenate ourselves!

Why Summers Best To Begin With Yoga?

Well, summer is the best season as we get long days as well can easily wake up early in the morning and practice yoga. You’ll get a bright day at 5 in the morning and this is the best time when you can try yoga by watching the best sunrise of your life. As the summer weather may make us sluggish or offer us a boring day, with the help of yoga we can get the best ways of keeping fit and happy.

The best yoga tips to beat the heat

So, if you are starting up the yoga, it is a high time to look forward to going with the great poses or joining a yoga teacher training course and follow other tips to stay fit as follows-

Check up with your breath

Breathing asanas are the best as there is a secret in your breath and it will offer you great peace as well as you will become mentally strong. Even, this kind of breathing exercise can be done anywhere, whether you are waiting for somebody, in the office, working with other things or whenever you find yourself free. This is called Sheetali Pranayama, where you need to stick your tongue out and try to curl the sides and breathe in through the mouth, hold your breath for a few seconds and then slowly exhale through the nose.


This is the asana which will help in relaxing your nervous system as well as help in reducing the metabolic rate and the body heat. It is best to warm you up for the other poses and best to get amazing results. All you just need to bend your body forward and pause for a few minutes and repeat it.


This is a very effective kriya than any other asanas as it helps to cool down the body. This is the best breathing exercise where we need to use one nostril at one time and when the body is breathing through the left nostril, the body cools down automatically. You can breathe in from one nostril and breathe out from another will give you all peace and your body will cool down the way you want.

Also, try other various asanas, like- Visualisation meditations, Shavasana, Vajrasana, child pose and a few or more that will help you to stay calm and active in any kind of season. Also, drink a lot of water and eat light for zillions of health benefits.