My TP-Link Extender Keeps Rebooting. Help Me Fix It!

My TP-Link Extender Keeps Rebooting. Help Me Fix It!

Rebooting the device has been one of the prominent solutions to fix many TP-Link extender issues. However, it becomes unbearable when the extender keeps rebooting by itself. If you are also struggling with the same problem, then we’ve got you covered. Here, we will reveal a number of secret hacks to resolve the issue within a flash. So, let’s get started.

Fixed: TP-Link Extender Keeps Rebooting

>Check Power Outlet

The first and foremost reason behind the TP-Link extender keeps rebooting issue is the inadequacy of the power supply. Perhaps, your extender is not plugged into a working power source. So, check for the same. On the off chance, our assumption comes true, consider doing any of the following things:

  • Plug your TP-Link repeater into another wall socket.
  • Get the current wall socket repaired.

Bring WiFi Devices Closer

Your TP-Link extender might also keep rebooting if it is placed too far from the host router. Remember that placing the WiFi devices at too much distance can make it impossible for them to communicate. Thus, consider placing the TP-Link extender in the boundary line of the signals emitted by the host router.

Just in case you love wires and are using an Ethernet cable to connect your TP-Link extender to the router, ensure that it is not worn out. If it is, then replace it immediately with a new one. In addition, make sure that the cable is firmly connected to the ports of your WiFi devices.

Update TP-Link Firmware

Do you know that the TP-Link extender comes embedded with a firmware? Well, now you do. This firmware controls the overall functionality of your extender. Chances are that you are witnessing the constant reboot of your extender due to an outdated firmware. To rid yourself of the issue, consider updating the firmware as soon as possible.

Given below is the set of instructions to follow in order to perform the TP Link firmware upgrade process:

  • Switch on your desktop or laptop.
  • Open a web browser that is running on its updated version as well as free of cache, cookies, and browsing history.
  • Now, download the firmware file for your TP-Link extender and extract it using Unzip tools.
  • Thereafter, launch a new tab.
  • Toggle the cursor to the address field of the web browser.
  • Type the default web address or IP address of the extender and press the Enter key.
  • You will be prompted to do TP-Link extender login.
  • Enter the login credentials into the fields provided and hit Log In.
  • Once on the TP-Link repeater setup wizard, select the System Tools option under the Settings tab.
  • Find the Firmware Update option and click it.
  • Upload the firmware file and let your extender reboot after the completion of the firmware upgrade process.

Remove WiFi Interference

Where have you placed your TP-Link wireless extender? Inside a cabinet? Well, that’s wrong. Probably, the WiFi signals of your range extender are getting dampened due to which it keeps rebooting. So, it is time to relocate your wireless range extender.

While relocating your extender, make sure not to place it in a room packed with WiFi interference devices. Additionally, avoid placing your TP-Link range extender in corners or near concrete walls, utensils carrying a large amount of water, mirrors, and metal objects.

Prevent Overheating

Your TP-Link extender might also fall victim to the rebooting issue if it is overheating. You can prevent the overheating of your TP-Link extender by doing the following things:

  • Keep your TP-Link extender off when not in use.
  • Do not expose your WiFi device to direct sunlight.

Reset and Reconfigure

If you have reached this point, then it means that the issue is still troubling you. No worries! It can happen if your range extender is not configured properly. Before you reconfigure your WiFi device, make sure to reset it.

To reset your extender to the factory default mode, find the Reset button and press it using a sharp object. As soon as your device resets, access the setup wizard and reconfigure your WiFi extender.


Hopefully, the troubleshooting tactics discussed above will help you in getting rid of the TP-Link extender keeps rebooting issue. If this article has brought you positive results, let us know in the comment section.