How to Connect RGB Header on Motherboard? Important Points

How to Connect RGB Header on Motherboard? Important Points

RGB header is a must-have for every PC, and it is easy to install and use! RGB header is small hardware that sits on your motherboard and allows you to control the color of your computer’s LED lights.

By default, most computers come with a white LED light that can be boring. RGB header allows you to change the color of your LED light to any color you want.

RGB header is also a great way to make your computer look cooler. By changing the color of your LED light, you can make your computer look more futuristic.

Want to know more details about what it is and how to connect RGB header on motherboard? Check out this blog for a better idea.

What is an RGB Header?

The motherboard connector used in desktop computers is red, green, or blue (RGB). In the past, using a motherboard with a different color header type meant you had to either purchase a motherboard with a suitable connector or get a converter to attach another connector.

With new technologies, the motherboard connector itself can change—and for the newer socket AM4, RGB headers can now be used.

How to Connect RGB Header on Motherboard?

If you are having trouble connecting your RGB header to your motherboard, then the best motherboard for 5800x will be a perk for you in this regard. Some of the points to explore are:

·        First, ensure that your RGB header is correctly seated in your motherboard.

·        Second, ensure that the pins on your RGB header are adequately inserted into the corresponding pins on your motherboard.

·        Third, check your power supply is providing enough power to your RGB header. Fourth, verify that your video card is configured correctly to use the RGB header.

·        Finally, ensure that your computer is configured correctly to display colors by the colors in your RGB header.

Change the RGB on my MSI motherboard

Changing the RGB color on an MSI motherboard can be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with motherboard specifications. You can use the underneath step-by-step guide and reduce your queries about how do I change the RGB on my MSI motherboard? The instructions are:

1. Go to the “BIOS” tab on your motherboard’s main screen.

2. Select “Advanced Mode.”

3. Change the “Color Mode” to “RGB.”

4. Change the “RGB Channel” to “Primary.”

Connecting RGB fans to the motherboard without RGB header

Moreover, there is a way to connect RGB fans to the motherboard without RGB header, but it requires some extra cables. Thinking about how to connect RGB fans to the motherboard without an RGB header? The process is as follows:

First: Remove the RGB header from the motherboard. You will need to unscrew two screws and remove the header. Once it is removed, you will need to cut off the two leads connected to the RGB controller. Cut the leads close to the connector but not cut the wire itself.

Second: Next, you will need to solder two new leads onto the motherboard. The leads should be long enough to reach the RGB fans.

Final: Reattach the RGB header and screws.


What is the Best Way to Connect an RGB Header on Motherboard?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people prefer to use a ribbon cable, while others may use a motherboard connector with a built-in RGB header.

Ultimately, the best way to connect an RGB header on a motherboard will depend on your preferences and the type of RGB header that you are using.

Can I Plug a 3 pin RGB to 4 pin?

Many people are familiar with the standard three-pin plug when it comes to connecting devices like monitors, keyboards, and mice. But what about RGB (red, green, blue)?

RGB uses four pins instead of the traditional three, making connecting devices a bit more complicated. If you’re looking to connect a monitor, keyboard, or mouse using RGB, you’ll need a 4-pin to 3-pin adapter.

How do I Connect RGB Connectors?

To connect RGB connectors, you need to connect the red, green, and blue cables to the correct ports on the TV or monitor. If you want to connect RGB connectors, you will need to use a specific cable for RGB connections. RGB cables are available at most electronics stores.


RGB header is a common component that is used in various electronic devices. But many brands and manufacturers use different types of connectors for the same purpose.

So, choosing a relevant and high-quality product makes this process easier. Moreover, by knowing the above steps about how to connect RGB header on motherboard, you can efficiently perform this challenging task without any fuss.

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