How to Choose the Right Wedding Suit

How to Choose the Right Wedding Suit

The wedding day is as memorable an event for the groom as for the bride. As a man, it is crucial to be the best-dressed one, but rising to the occasion can be a lot of pressure. Without knowing how to approach the styling, you must feel confused. Well, not anymore!

So, ditch the black suit, and go for tailored wedding suits that can customize your look. Here’s what you need to know. The wedding suit market is growing significantly, offering you more options in style than ever.


When choosing the right wedding suit, paying attention to the colour is important. The occasion demands a different colour choice other than the formal black suit, more so if your wedding has a colour theme. Popular colours include midnight blue, charcoal grey, deep ocean blue, etc. 

A plain mid-grey suit goes offers more versatility than any other colour. However, you might want to avoid going for light-coloured suits if you’re going to stand out in the crowd. On the other hand, navy compliments any skin tone and creates a nice contrast to the surroundings. Also, it is better to go for matte finishing for wedding suits.  


Once you have chosen the correct suit colour, it is time to get the measurements right. This is a very crucial part of the suit. A loosely fitted suit or a suit that is too tight can make you appear sloppy and that you cannot afford. So, it is advisable to get yourself measured by a professional tailor.

You need to get the measurements right before you make the purchase. Sure, you can get alterations done even after, but that will cost you more. Also, if you are a suit-fanatic like Barney Stinson, from the popular show ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ then you must have an idea about your size. This can definitely make the process a lot faster and easier for you. 


Now, it is time to figure out the right style. Usually, there are three common ones:

  • Two-piece
  • Three-piece
  • Tuxedo

Other than that, there are slim-fit suits, classic-fits, modern fits, peak lapel, shawl lapel, etc. To get an idea of what is trending, you can look in fashion magazines or online for inspiration. Remember, this is the most important day of your life, and this is the most important suit you will ever wear. So, put a good amount of thought into choosing the right style. 

The best way to do this is to be open to suggestions and shop around a bit. So, you may have to put in some effort to choose the style that will make you look the best. Also, it might be fun to get out of your comfort zone and try something new for the occasion. Your bride will appreciate the effort. 


Lastly, comfort is a priority when wearing any formalwear. Your wedding suit should fit you snugly and not prohibit movements. This is also why you should go for tailored wedding suits than just picking one off the shelves or hiring one. Even though this may cost you more, it is worth it. 

The comfort also depends a lot on the fabric and shape of the suit. The fabric and shape also impact the fitting, so make sure you have done thorough research before finalizing the suit. 


When the most important day of your life arrives, make sure you are well-prepared. Being careless in this regard will simply not do. That is why keep the tips mentioned above in mind when shopping for your wedding suit. The effort will pay off by making your biggest day the most memorable one forever.