Why you Need Preventative Maintenance for your IT Equipment

Why you Need Preventative Maintenance for your IT Equipment

In the United Kingdom, we have the attitude that if something isn’t broken then it doesn’t need to be fixed. It has become the downfall of many businesses when they adopt this attitude because they just keep using their IT equipment until it breaks and then at that point they are going to lose thousands in lost profits. This is why it is so important that you look to the future when it comes to your IT equipment and that you make sure that it receives regular maintenance and repair. By not taking this advice you’re leaving your IT systems and your business overall, open to increased costs and lost productivity. You perform routine maintenance on the car that is parked outside your business but for some reason, you have reservations about doing the exact same thing within your business.

You spent all of that money getting your expensive IT equipment delivered by Rhenus High Tech because you knew that they were the best at what they do and yet after it was delivered properly and installed for you as well by the same provider, you now don’t want to perform regular maintenance to keep it up and running without issues. This doesn’t make any sense at all from a business point of view and you would be remiss in your responsibilities to not set up regular maintenance to prevent issues from becoming major problems. If you still have to be sold on the idea that preventative maintenance is essential for your business then maybe the following benefits of doing so can help you to make a more informed and better business decision.

  1. It increases the asset lifespan – You have already spent thousands on your IT platform so it makes absolutely no sense not to carry out preventive maintenance to further enhance the lifetime of your equipment. By keeping your IT equipment clean and in good condition, it can run for longer, doesn’t keep up as often and lowers your overall costs so that you don’t fail with your TP Link setup. You should be incorporating mean time between failures as this is a common KPI use when making maintenance decisions.
  2. Lower chance of breakdowns – You always want to be doing things that provide the opportunity for lower breakdowns or no breakdowns and all. Statistics tell us that preventative maintenance assists greatly with lowering your risk of breakdowns and this means that you are not losing out on productivity and your reputation getting damaged as a direct result. It is a fact that about 90% of IT failures happen because of problems that were prevented in the first place and because they didn’t have a preventative maintenance plan in place. This is not a situation that you want to find your business in so it is important to set up a regular maintenance plan to lower the risk of equipment failure.

By doing the above two things, your business will benefit from increased efficiency which means that your IT equipment will be running without issue and you will not be experiencing any unnecessary downtime.