What on Earth Is Local SEO, And How Can It Benefit My Business?

What on Earth Is Local SEO, And How Can It Benefit My Business?

Hopefully, you already know what SEO is, especially if you have a website already set up. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it’s the name given to the various methods used by experts to give a website the best possible chance of appearing near the top of search results when somebody enters certain keywords into a search engine on the Internet. Local SEO is more specific to the particular area that you operate from, or the place in which you would like to obtain some new customers, Local SEO should make use of local words or terms, including names and places;

How does it work?

Local businesses used to have a hard time staying afloat on the Internet, because the larger, national names were able to spend more on their marketing content which almost always meant that they would rank a lot higher than the local guys. 

It’s part of the reason why people didn’t want to spend much money on their Internet marketing when traditional methods worked just fine. However, Google soon changed all of that though with a feature that makes use of the benefits of local SEO, it allows local businesses to compete for rankings dependent upon their region. 

Local SEO rewards

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what Local SEO is; however, what about the specifics, and how it can help your business to move forward at a faster rate? If you already make use of Local SEO services then you’ll no doubt be interested to know of some areas that you could improve upon. If you don’t currently have local SEO services in place, then you’re going to want to know precisely how it can help you and, what it can mean for the future of your business;

More visitors become customers – Amongst the various advantages of Local SEO is that of an increased level of buyers when compared to ‘window shoppers’, the use of tech attracts new consumers and increases conversion rates. According to some studies, many businesses have recorded a local search to buyer rate of around 30%, which considering, at one time Local searches weren’t possible, it’s a massive increase in potential income. So much so that it could make, or break a business.

Enhanced Traffic – Most people will be unaware of how important Local SEO is in regards to enhancing their customer base, time wasted by both consumers and business owners was a massive problem, now though, around half of all Google searches are for local information or local businesses. As such, if your business appears in the search list, you stand an even bigger chance of getting new customers that are already interested in what you do, in fact, they are searching for it. 

It’s one of the reasons why it is super important to make your website as easy to use and to look really appealing, imagine being involved in this kind of opportunity, only to lose customers because your website is hard to use, or it just looks a bit pants.

Consistent business growth – Your marketing and sales opportunities will improve as a result of using Local SEO campaigns because, they usually aim to enhance traffic by making the content of your website more accessible when it comes to keywords and backlinks that will be more relevant, and ‘word appropriate’ for the purpose of matching your site with the most commonly used search words and phrases. Overall, because of the increased number of ‘qualified’ shoppers, you should benefit from a higher rate of committed prospects who are more likely to become an actual customer. 

There is a certain level of experience, and skill required in order to make sure that all bases are covered, and that the most suitable words, and phrases are incorporated into your sales content or customer information. It can be a really wise move, certainly considering the increased market exposure your site will generate, if managed properly, to hire a properly qualified agency to work on your behalf.

Rank higher, for longer – If you already have a good web presence, and you’ve been in business a while, then you could probably reel off a slew of benefits that SEO has provided your business when compared to what you used to do. The processes and procedures of online trading should make things easier, efficient, and more profitable for the end user.

Also, you should find that your company ranks higher in Google’s local search results more consistently because there is less competition on a local level when compared to the world stage. Not only should you appear more consistent you should keep your rank for a longer period of time too.

Side steps your competitors – Local SEO gives you an advantage over your competition, and a big one at that, especially, if they are still using traditional advertising methods. For example, two firms can market the same product, but if one concentrates on local SEO while the other relies upon traditional approaches, then the Local SEO method ensures that your company ranks higher in the list provided to the user. 

Generally, people like easy, hassle-free information, so it’s no surprise that most people will look at the highest ranked companies first. They will also want clear, precise product descriptions and supporting information about the product that they are considering purchasing, if your website is good enough, they may not even check the other companies. 

Overall, more affordable, effective marketing marketing

Those businesses that choose to suspend taking advantage of Local SEO services, typically, stand a much better chance of growing their business, in fact, most thrive when they cater to a local audience. As a result, they can spend more money on advertising channels such as posters, brochures, and other local media avenues like TV, or radio. 

Granted, the more modern methods are more successful than traditional TV, radio or, physical advertising space, however it is still advised that you maintain any existing campaigns, so that you have a variety of modern, and traditional tools to use, and cover all bases. After all, there are still some people who don’t use the Internet!