6 Helpful Tips for Buying the Right Shipping Containers for Your Business

6 Helpful Tips for Buying the Right Shipping Containers for Your Business

Investing in shipping containers can be a great purchasing decision for your business. Once only used for transportation, modern shipping containers have many uses, from extending your workspace to adding secondary amenities to your business. These steel boxes are very eco-friendly, durable, affordable and easy to transport. So before you decide to enrich your business with a shipping container or two, here’s what you need to know before whipping out your wallet: 

Define its use

Shipping containers have many uses, so what will you be using yours for? Are you planning to use it in a classic way for transport and storage? Or maybe you want to convert it into an office or living quarters for employees? When you have a clear goal, it’s easier to narrow down your search and choose the appropriate size, features and price. 

Define the size

Today, we have shipping containers available in different sizes, all of them practical for transport and storage. Once you know the application of your future container, you can easily see what size your business needs. Just to get you acquainted with the usual sizes, most of them are 2.44m wide and 2.59m tall. When it comes to length measurements, these vary from 1.8m to over 12m. Measure the size requirements of your project many times to avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes. 

New or used?

Shipping containers owe their popularity to interesting novelty projects that came to light as a result of repairing and reusing old containers. However, new models have their benefits since they come with updated features, new mechanisms and cleaner environments. Buying used will save you money upfront, but if you’re looking to make a long-term investment, a new one might be worth the cost. To make a financially viable investment, always consider the price. 

Rent or buy?

Since the price of shipping containers is not outrageous, many business owners choose to buy their containers, however, leasing is a very smart option, too. If you only need your container for temporary storage space or office quarters, renting might be more financially sound. On the other hand, if you will need to use your container for at least 6 months, it makes sense to buy it. It’s always possible to resell your purchase in the future. 

When you decide whether to buy or rent, you can start looking for suppliers of shipping containers. In places where shipping containers are popular like Australia, you can find various companies that rent or sell these steel boxes, or even do both. If you look into shipping containers in Sydney, you’ll find your perfect one-stop-shop for all things related to the subject. These experts will not only offer you the best prices and purchasing help, but also allow easy order placement and payment coordination for your business. 

Inspect your purchase

Before you sign any papers and make purchases, ensure your container is in good condition, otherwise, expect to spend a lot of money in the future on repairs and upgrades. It’s possible to get an experienced inspector to check the containers, but you can also do this part yourself. Keep an eye on damage and dents, patches and rust issues, holes and possible leak marks in the unit. Additionally, check all the doors, locks and hinges, as well as the seals. When buying used containers, they will probably have some damage on them, but make sure not to overlook bigger issues. Also, it’s smart to get models that are wind-proofed, watertight and protected from vermin. 

Do you need extra features?

For instance, if you’re planning to use your shipping container as an office extension, you will need wiring for electricity and water. You might require good air conditioning for storing perishable things. In some cases, it’s necessary to have easy access to the container so double doors are a must. Depending on your needs, make a list of features your shipping container requires and make purchases accordingly. In some cases, your seller will offer modifications for the right price. 

Finding durable, solid and functional shipping containers for your business that are also affordable is not an easy task, but definitely not impossible. If you follow these tips and think hard about your investment, you’ll end up with a purchase that will pay for itself quickly and help you grow your business.