10 Best Advantages of Using WhatsApp Business for Companies

10 Best Advantages of Using WhatsApp Business for Companies

Whatsapp is one of the most popular mobile applications and the second-largest social network in the world. It has 2 billion users, but the instant messaging system wants to go one step further to become the corporate communication channel par excellence for large companies, SMEs, and the self-employed. To that end, the company created  WhatsApp Business, a tool to facilitate day-to-day business and maintain more direct and fluid communication with consumers.

What benefits does WhatsApp Business bring to SMEs and freelancers?

Build more trust with a business profile

Creating a profile just for your business will allow you to project a more professional image. The WhatsApp Business company account is linked to a phone number and provides a branded business profile, rather than a string of digits. You can indicate the name, address, and description of your company, as well as add your website and email. This way consumers will be able to immediately know who they are talking to or who they are sending messages to.

You will also be able to share different content with a more professional tone, which will help you gain the trust of users and convert them into customers. Another advantage of WhatsApp Business is that it provides reliable delivery information so you can know which messages have been delivered and read.

Exchange information faster and more directly with users

The main added value of WhatsApp Business is the ease and speed of exchanging information with users and customers. While the average response time to an email is 90 minutes, for Whatsapp it is just 90 seconds, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Those near-instant responses, or the ability to engage in real-time dialogue, greatly improve communication and increase conversions. This way you will not lose potential clients due to a lack of information or misunderstandings. You will also be able to better manage incidents, solve problems and improve customer satisfaction.

Communicate more securely

Data security should be a priority for your company, especially if you work on the Internet. Different laws regulate the collection and processing of user data to guarantee their privacy. One of the benefits of WhatsApp Business is that it provides a very secure encryption system that protects sensitive data. 

This social network has end-to-end encryption, so the content is only visible to the sender and recipient, without the possibility of third parties accessing it. In addition, with two-factor authentication built into the app, you can be sure of the identity of the users you connect with, a particularly important detail if you also use WhatsApp Business to recruit and select staff or launch job offers.

Facilitate internal communication in the company

Whatsapp Business is an excellent tool for digitizing SMEs. It is an ideal communication channel for day-to-day business, as it offers you all the services of a private account, including the creation of groups and video calls. In this sense,  Whatsapp Web is particularly interesting, since it will allow you to simplify the assignment and monitoring of tasks so that you can manage your team comfortably.

Send messages automatically and design quick responses company account on WhatsApp Business. It allows you to automate different messages for users, which saves time and resources. 

Another advantage of Whatsapp Business for your business is that it also allows you to create quick responses. You will be able to save important messages and use them when other users ask you the same thing. This “frequent response” function will save you time when you detect doubts or common questions related to the products or services you offer.

Work with a wide variety of formats

Whatsapp Business offers a wide range of options to develop advertising campaigns. It supports sending different types of attachments, from text and links to audio, documents, and videos. So you can combine different strategies to reach customers and optimize conversions. Swapping static text for dynamic content, for example, will attract more attention and make your message more memorable.

With a company account on WhatsApp Business, you even can create product catalogs so that users can see the ones that interest them, instead of sending each item, price, and description separately. You’ll also be able to send appointment reminders, shipping alerts, order notifications, verification codes, or product demo videos to engage and retain customers.

Establish a more human interaction

In an omnichannel world, consumers want to interact with brands and companies in the same way they connect with family and friends. WhatsApp Business provides a convenient communication channel with a more humanized approach, without the hassle normally associated with traditional customer service.

Precisely, one of the greatest advantages of WhatsApp Business is that it facilitates conversational marketing. Your sales or customer service teams will be able to respond with personalized messages to user questions. This way you can create value through conversations in real-time while generating new business opportunities or building customer loyalty.

Improve the brand experience

Gone are the frustrating calls to customer service or technical assistance, long wait times, late support emails, and inordinate costs for all the time spent on the phone. WhatsApp Business provides businesses with an environment to communicate with customers in real-time and create a superior brand experience.

This medium will allow you to send personalized offers and offer technical assistance or top-quality customer service, transmitting the personality of the brand in each interaction. This way you will make your business more memorable, attract new customers or retain existing ones.

Segment users more precisely

One of the greatest advantages of WhatsApp Business for SMEs and freelancers is the possibility of creating groups, segmenting users, and adding labels. These features will help you, group users and customers, into different classes to send them more personalized messages that add value to them. Taking into account their interests and needs, you can create specific diffusion groups for each objective of your marketing strategy.

Personalized engagement will also allow you to quickly assess prospect interest and qualify leads based on where they are in the sales process. You’ll be able to follow them through the sales funnel to get them the right information at each stage and pave their way to purchase, which will lead to more conversions. All this will help you close sales in less time and generate a superlative brand experience. You can use WhatsApp marketing software to promote your business.

Evaluate trading strategies using analytics

One of the distinctive aspects of WhatsApp Business, compared to the private version, is that it incorporates analytics. Although these are not very complete, they will allow you to follow up on the different marketing and communication strategies that you have implemented. You will be able to measure the impact of the messages and know how many have been read and at what time, so that you can optimize your efforts and achieve the highest possible return on investment.