Style your sofa to make it look like it has been styled by a pro

Style your sofa to make it look like it has been styled by a pro

The piece of furniture that attracts the most attention in your living area is the sofa. As soon as you enter the room, the sofa is the biggest piece of furniture that is visible and styling it in a way that looks good is not as daunting as it sounds. There are some ways you can make it look more inviting as well as like a piece of furniture straight out of a magazine.

Here are some ways you can style your sofa to perfection.

  1. Make it stand out

The living room furniture should complement each other but should definitely have its own character. Avoid matching sets and try to mix various colours and patterns to give each one its own space. If your chairs are the same colour and have a neutral base, then go for a pastel colour or a darker shade to make the sofa stand out. Maintain the same size of the furniture to ensure that when everyone is seated, they are all at the same eye level.

  • Throws

Throws are the perfect solution to break the monotony and make the sofa set look more comfortable. Throws add a mix of colours, patterns, and textures that give the sofa a different effect. You can drape it around the sofa, leave it on the arms, use it as a back design, and so much more. These can also come in handy when you want to get cozy on the sofa on a chilly evening. If you stay in a place that has hot weather all year round, then you can look at adding a thin throw for effect.

  • Sofa covers

Most of us purchase the sofa because we like the design or the colour. However, there are a few circumstances under which we might need to protect our sofas with a cover. This is especially true when you have toddlers or pets in the house. Sofa covers provide protection as well as the chance to keep changing the appearance of the sofa often.

  • Cushions and bolsters

Cushions are the most common decorations when it comes to sofas. The array of colours and fabrics can change the way the sofa looks and consequently the way a room looks. The collection of designs and patterns can set the tone for the rest of the house and make the place go from having a formal and sophisticated to a boho vibe. Bolsters are great for when you don’t want to fill your spaces with too many cushions. These are great for back support as well for resting your arms.

  • Add potted plants or other accessories around the sofa

Adding a magazine stand, small potted plants, ornate side tables, or other such decorations makes the living room unit look more cohesive. It creates a flow and acts as fillers. The bright spots of freshness make up for the lack of natural light in the room as well.