How to differentiate between the ITIL Master Certification and the specialist training

How to differentiate between the ITIL Master Certification and the specialist training

The IT Infrastructure Library that offers ITIL specialist training is one of the best practices to deliver IT services in a systematic approach using IT Service Management or ITSM. This certification is one of the best IT certifications across the globe to gain suitable career and paygrade growth. The ITIL helps businesses to easily manage risks, adopt cost-effective practices, strengthen their customer relations, and build stable, scalable, and growth-oriented IT environments. The latest version of the ITIL emphasizes providing better flexibility, agility, and innovation by using ITSM while supporting legacy systems and networks. 

The paths to gain this certification

The updated ITIL 4 provides two main paths through its seven modules spread across these two certifications. This allows the professional to gain foundational knowledge level and then proceed to the Managing Professional or MP level or the Strategic Leader or SL level. ITIL 3 is going to be discontinued by 2022 and anyone may upgrade their certification suitably by enrolling for the ITIL 4 courses. The professional may choose either of these paths as per their future choice of career or complete both paths to earn the title of ITIL Master Certification

ITIL Foundation

But irrespective of your choice of the path of ITIL specialist training or Master, any professional shall first need to pass the foundation level to proceed. This covers the basics of the ITIL 4 environment and provides a basic understanding of the products, services, and principles for stakeholders and customers. The foundation level study also builds the basic principles, the four dimensions of the service management ecosystem, the key concepts of DevOps, Lean, and Agile. This training runs for 2.5 days in a classroom and leads to the one-hour examination that consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. 

The ITIL Managing Professional or MP

To gain entry to the ITIL Master Certification and training, one first requires a few years of experience handling technology and teams across the organization. They would require a general knowledge of running teams, workflows, IT projects, and more to use their technical and practical skills. To gain this certification one requires to pass a series of examinations. Professionals need to pass the ITIL Specialist Create Deliver and Support aimed at ITSM practitioners. They further need to pass the ITIL Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value, then the ITIL Specialist High-Velocity IT, and ITIL Strategist Direct Plan and Improve to qualify.

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The ITIL Strategic Leader or SL

The ITIL specialist training is not only for IT operations but for any kind of digitally enabled services at the organization. It helps influence the business strategy at the organization and requires professionals to pass two examinations. The first of these is the ITIL Strategist Direct Plan and Improve that is also present in the earlier explained master’s training. It is a universal module that is designed for managers at all levels. The second examination to clear is the ITIL Leader Digital and IT strategy that helps one to handle disruptive technologies to provide competitive advantages while being flexible. 

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