Chat or Call: Which Communication Medium Customers Prefer Most?

Chat or Call: Which Communication Medium Customers Prefer Most?

How do you communicate with your customers? Do you talk to them through messaging apps, social media platforms, or through a simple phone call?

People communicate through the platform or channel that is most convenient for them, but some still prefer phone calls. That’s why it is best to have communication software that accommodates all communication channels.

But, for now, let’s focus on these two channels: phone calls or chats. Which do you think your customers prefer most?

Talk through Real-Time Chat

Unlike phone calls, real-time chat removes the frustration of queues. Customers can message businesses and receive immediate responses and solutions to their queries. Today’s communication is precisely developed for short message exchange. This trend allows companies to connect with multiple users at the same time. 

A customer service agent can talk to five users at once. Rather than phone calls, the agent has to do the phone calls with five users one by one, which takes more time. You have to remember that consumers are always online, becoming increasingly impatient.

Consumers in this era have a deeper appreciation for their time. Time is the main reason why they prefer chat services.

Aside from immediate response, others are more comfortable in writing. They have the time to think about what to say and edit the text. Moreover, businesses can ask for immediate feedback before their customer leaves the chat.

Chat provides convenience and comfort, not only to your customers but to your business as well. You do not need to hire several agents as one agent can handle multiple chat conversations. 

Converse through Phone Call

Although millennials prefer to communicate through chat, the older generation finds phone calls more convenient. Direct and two-sided communication is better when trying to resolve an issue. In phone calls, voice tone and attitude are heard and observed. That is why in this field of customer support, businesses train their customer service agents in reading and handling their customers. Agents need to know how to approach their customers’ emotional status and communication form.

Despite calls being the quickest way to ask questions and receive solutions on issues, the long queue for calls and being put on hold may lead to frustration. 

Which Do They Prefer?

Today, digital consumers increasingly prefer talking through real-time chat to phone calls. Although phone calls are quick, the chat history ensures that users do not forget what they have agreed to. Moreover, we are in a generation where most people spend their time on phones. It is easier for them to reach out to customer service on social media platforms and other channels.

However, it is still a matter of preference. Customer preference may change on the situation they are in. If they are only asking for an inquiry, most prefer to chat; but expect to receive a call if they need an immediate solution to an issue.

That’s why businesses should implement communication software with an omnichannel approach. You must provide the best customer experience by offering the most approachable contact center.